Exploring from an Armchair

Jan 25, 2023

Exploring from an Armchair

Some of the changes are here to stay. Pandemic precautions bred certain adaptations in how we do things that people still prefer and taking the first steps in home buying online is one of them. Another change is that people want more from their home today, now that the experience of spending weeks at home brought us face to face with changes we might have desired and yet postponed.

Together, the desire for a more comfortable home, and the ability to explore online have given us a new way to tour the finest of the Atlanta Midtown condos. From our commitment to the well-being of our clients and team members, we developed several ways to look further into what the private residences of Atlantic might mean for you, from the comfort of your own home and your own pace.

What You Can See from There

Bringing floorplans to life is what our video tours can accomplish. From transforming the floorplans into a 3-D environment to walking with you through the spaces to stopping whenever you wish for a 360-degree scan from any point of view to even zooming in on details such as fixtures and the location of a light switch or an electrical outlet, these video tours are more capable and comprehensive than we could have imagined – until we saw them.

The video tours are so capable, in fact, that they seem to call for a guide. No fooling. It is possible to toggle your way through the experience of these luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown in such great detail that getting to what you most want to see – and seeing it in the context of your lifestyle – could use some help.  For that, our agents are available at any time.

What You Can See from Here

It might seem expected that Atlanta high-rise condos above the city would offer views that make staying at home a bit thrilling. What is more unusual is how many vantage points you’ll find within these luxury residences where that thrilling view comes into play. Sightlines that lead to the skyline are everywhere in the considerate designs of the floorplans found in Atlantic.

The open concepts brought to life in the private residences here at Atlantic are the result of a constant awareness of our surroundings that began even as the structure was being designed. We might be biased, but we find it very American, the contribution to architecture that came from considering how and where a building will be situated. What Americans such as Frank Lloyd Wright brought to the design table, after Louis Sullivan “invented the skyscraper” not only just how the building would look, but also a deep feeling for what you would see once inside.

The richness of what results when your viewpoint is considered awaits your inspection at Atlantic. To explore what this view might mean for you, call us at 404-946-8363.