Telling the Tales of Thanksgiving

Nov 15, 2022

Telling the Tales of Thanksgiving

“Let’s not and say we did.” It was a catchphrase that gained some currency during high school years, a way to decline an unsavory proposal without being un-cool. In more recent years, the idea, if not the words, has become the answer to “over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go” at Thanksgiving time. Some traditions work better as stories than as activities when a better idea presents itself. So goes the better idea of a high-rise Thanksgiving, with the views from Atlanta Midtown condos and the ease of being at home.

For a couple of years recently, there were limits to how we could gather safely at Thanksgiving – or any time. The disruption brought with it an opportunity to re-think some assumptions, and traveling into the past to celebrate Thanksgiving was ripe for re-thinking. It turns out that the stories we share when we gather are far more important than the locale. Atlanta high-rise condos serve the purpose admirably.

The Beauty of Now

The benefits that come to families and friends from gathering are many, and they don’t depend on moving back in time to enjoy them. Stories strengthen people and families by rooting us in our unique heritage. Who we are and what is expected of us comes to us largely as the result of the stories we acquire and own through life, rather than where we happened to be.

This isn’t just folklore. Research confirms abundantly that families and other groups work together more effectively when they know what ties them together, which are the stories they share in common. A family’s stories compose their collective identity, and now is the time to share them.

Supported by Numbers

In of the most interesting studies devoted specifically to families, 20 “Do You Know?” questions were discussed among children. Children who knew these things had higher self-esteem and a greater sense of control over their lives.

The benefits show up in the here and now by helping children bond with extended relatives, giving them poise for social experiences, offering them role models from among known persons, and, conversely, helping the family understand their children better.

Living in the mobile society of today, our dearest friends are sometimes called the families we choose. It makes sense then that the benefits of our shared stories apply with equal strength among our closest friends.

Where We Feel the Glow

The condos in Atlanta Midtown, then, turn out to be a fine choice for where to celebrate Thanksgiving – or any important date. Once sampled, the experience becomes magnetic. Family and loved ones are just as likely, perhaps even more so, to be glad for a family tradition with the ease, the advantages, and the views of an Atlanta high-rise holiday.

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