Finishing Strong in Midtown

Jul 18, 2022

Finishing Strong in Midtown

The July 4th Peachtree Road Race serves as a reminder of several crucial factors that support the continual value of Atlanta high-rise condos. This 53rd edition of the Peachtree Road Race was a return to the accustomed format, after a couple of years of resourceful pandemic precautions. Last year, for example, the 2021 race was split over several days to reduce crowd size. And so, it was with a greater perspective that we reflected with gratitude as the estimated 50,000 participants achieved their finish line in Midtown, completing what is considered the world’s largest 10k race.

Starting in Buckhead and finishing in Midtown is a fine symbolic link that embodies the unity of city and suburb that Atlanta has achieved, even as it grew and prospered into one of the world’s great cities. The line between city and suburb is no longer so easy to see.

More a Celebration than a Finish

As such, the satisfaction of the finishers at the foot of the luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta – Atlantic being among the best of them – represents something far larger and longer lasting than their well-earned runner’s high. In fact, the style of living that people enjoy from the vantage point of Atlanta midtown condos is certainly an achievement, yet by no means a finish.

The pleasures of living in the center of entertainment, cuisine, art, and commerce are only part of the reason people choose Midtown for their next chapter of life. Awareness is the payoff of city living. It comes from being connected to developments in culture and the ways people live their lives.

As economies and livelihoods increasingly depend on innovation and service, the opportunities people seek become more city based. Communication and connection – and the awareness that arises from them – are basic elements of growth for today’s economy. As such they are career necessities for today’s business leaders.

Original and Individual

From the rich palette of possibilities that we find among the Atlanta high-rise condos for sale, we see people select their own versions of this chapter in their lives. For some, a reward. For others, a step deeper into the intensity of their achievement. For many, the versatility of a lifestyle that places the arts and the great outdoors, the cathedrals of commerce and the bright stages of entertainment, the freedom to go out or stay in and enjoy both equally well – these are the elements they assemble in characteristic ways, in ways that are all their own.

A wise proportion of the people who see these possibilities conclude that the spacious, up-to-the-minute version of Art Deco glamor and sophistication that they observe at Atlantic is the setting that best serves their vision of the most fulfilling chapter of living, the tomorrow that they are seizing today.

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