Rise Above

Mar 14, 2022

Rise Above

Atlanta’s culture and urban melodies create a thrilling and energizing experience. Those of us who love Atlanta know this well. We crave it. We live it. We want nothing else. But no matter how much we enjoy this lifestyle, those feelings gradually fade while we try to unwind and rest. We love our city, but we need a break from the constant noise and swirling motion we find at ground level. We want to stay in the heart of the action, but also secure a place to get away from it all.

The Atlanta high-rise condos at Atlantic provide a perfect compromise for our two conflicting desires. In these luxury homes, we can stay fully immersed in our city while also rising above the noise at a height of silence and relaxation. It’s a convenient, irresistible solution – made just for us.

The Experience We Love

Georgia’s capital is a vibrant scene bursting with attractions and sites for all of us. All around the Midtown neighborhood, there are museums for seekers of insight, gardens and parks for nature lovers, dining for foodies, theaters and concert venues for entertainment, shopping for fashion connoisseurs, and so much more. And this is why we live here. It just never fails to color our lives with culture, knowledge, and excitement.

Because of those experiences, falling in love with this city and its urban qualities is effortless – and we want that feeling to last forever. However, our active surroundings can sometimes dull our warm appreciation for Atlanta. After staying in rhythm with the bustling day, our need for a calm atmosphere seems to rise. We wish for a place – that’s still at the center of everything – where we can slow down the day and regroup before returning to a world of opportunities.

The Option We Crave

Yes, we do prefer the city’s energy, yet at the same time we crave a sense of calm we can call upon. The Atlantic takes our diverging desires and unites them in a clear, attractive option: the Atlanta Midtown condos that rise above the skyline at Atlantic. Up near the clouds, we attain peace and luxury in our homes, and five-star amenities, designed in a timeless style. More than 25 staff members meet and exceed our expectations and needs. Home becomes a destination designed around our desires.

Don’t move outside the city you love to find a comfortable and quiet home. Instead, let Atlantic be your answer. Give us a call at 404-946-8363 or find out more at ownatlantic.com.