The Meaning of Private Residences

Feb 24, 2022

The Meaning of Private Residences

The inscription under our name – Atlantic / Private Residences – prompts us to have a look now and then at what we mean and how we live up to it. With more than 90% of these luxury condos in Atlanta, Georgia, already spoken for, it is well worth considering what makes them so desirable. The keys to their appeal extend even farther than the incomparable views from this, one of the tallest features of the brawny Atlanta skyline. Power alone would not account for the magnetism of our private residences.

What brings these physical features to life is the skill behind them. The elegant, cosmopolitan design itself is the result of intelligent human intervention. The style of the Atlantic is sometimes described as a modern-day reference to the glamor of Art Deco, when the power of a mechanical age met the inspiration of artists who envisioned all that could be accomplished considering that power. Yet, like any attempt to put a human experience into words, even that description falls short. In fact, the style of the Atlantic, what sets it apart from other condos in Midtown Atlanta, is in every way an original synthesis, a way of seeing things that is up-to-the-minute, remaining relevant in our own day, when rapid change and continual improvement are a way of life.

The Power of a Professional Team

The advantages that the remaining Atlantic residences enjoy over other Midtown Atlanta condos for sale include an environment of services made available by a team of professionals. This five-star environment includes full concierge services, valet parking, a state-of-the-art fitness club, a yoga studio, and seasonal cabana services around the resort-style swimming pool.

Bringing these amenities to life is the work of a handpicked team of more than 25 persons, with experience and understanding of luxury living that is built from careers among the premier hotels, concierge organizations, and finest residential buildings. The frame of mind that results from cultivating this atmosphere of service becomes a tangible feature of living in the Atlantic.

The Gestures Above and Beyond

Residents say it’s not just what we do that makes the difference in the lifestyle of the Atlantic, it’s how we do it. For example, the poolside terrace and sundeck include the subtle serenade of a waterfall. The shared spaces include a catering kitchen for the formal dining room, so that entertaining from home is an option, even when you have an event in mind. The connections that result from our siting, our neighborhood, and the economic, artistic, and cultural resources within our easy reach are a bouquet from which you can make your own selection. In this way, each day becomes a creative enterprise of your own.


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