Nothing Extra About the Extra Room

Oct 25, 2021

Nothing Extra About the Extra Room

Over and above the eagerness to arrive in the home of their dreams and the impatience to get there that was prompted by the precautions of the past year, the renewed desire for living in Atlanta high-rise condos is further fueled by stellar examples of space. Here, among the largest three-bedroom new condos in Midtown Atlanta, folks are finding the style of space that has gone beyond luxury to fulfill necessity.

The Importance of Having the Option

Many of us continue to carry on our careers remotely – away from the workplace or studio, but very much in the presence of family. So, a third bedroom – often an office or study to begin with – is now even more important. People who put their computer, printer, and peripherals in that “extra” bedroom when they moved in are now unexpectedly glad to have this devoted workspace, with its degree of privacy. Those fortunate to live in the luxury residences of the Atlantic are perhaps the best situated of all.

An important part of enjoying the company of family, loved ones, and friends at home, they say, is having a choice in how much togetherness to enjoy, and when. The three-bedroom Atlantic Station condos provide this choice with luxurious abundance, and today people are appreciating it more than ever.

When the Sky is Your Horizon

It is not only the space designed so beautifully within that calls so powerfully. It is also the thrill of a wide-open, skyrise view. The sightlines built into the open designs of these luxury residences make them feel like a home in the heavens.

And inspiration is just one of the results of this sense of limitless space. For work-at-home careers, whether for now or for good, the benefits are highly practical, too. In fact, a study from Stanford University confirms that the immediate environment has everything to do with whether people perceive working from home as successful, something they would be willing to continue.

More fully enjoying the home we create for ourselves might indeed become a new trait, or at least a newly honed skill. From the beginning of pandemic precautions, a topic of interest has been which of these adaptations we are making will stay with us, and which will return to “the way things were before.” After all, most of us have lived our lives until now in a two-car, drive-through world, in which home was a hub. Even when this home-centered time is over, perhaps a greater appreciation of our own homes will be among those changes that linger.

Those who have already chosen the luxury residences of the Atlantic are fast coming to appreciate the wisdom of their decision even more. Known for the largest three-bedroom floorplans, the Atlantic presents so many ways to enjoy the luxury of space and smart design. Let’s talk it over. Just call us at 404-946-8363 or find out more at