Condominiums from a New View

May 19, 2021

Condominiums from a New View

While often mistaken for apartments, condominiums are an entirely different entity with characteristics of their own. The private residences of Atlantic offer homeowners exclusive access to distinctive amenities, idealistic locations, and improved social connections from a new view. 


Without ever leaving the building, Atlantic residents have access to an assortment of lavish benefits that complement their lifestyle; the residences and amenities at Atlantic are serviced by a handpicked team of experienced professionals with a refined understanding of luxury living. With access to full-service concierge service, valet parking, a state-of-the-art fitness club and yoga studio, media room and private lounge, game room with billiards, resort-style pool and whirlpool complimented by a poolside terrace with waterfalls and a sundeck, life at Atlantic considered every last detail. Atlantic has created both energizing and contemplative moments through their amenities to ensure a seamless retreat from city life to balance the thrill of the energetic West Midtown lifestyle.

Social Connectivity 

Living in a condominium complex comes with a community that’s built in. Residents find themselves completely emerged in the environment that surrounds them, and are able to share experiences together whilst enjoying their home’s amenities. The sense of community that Atlantic offers its residents is as unparalleled as the view from each balcony. 

Better Locations

Condominiums lead to a life of convenience. The connection that is created from the sense of community goes beyond the residential building, but into the neighborhood that surrounds. A good location is defined by much more than coordinates; the physical location, the surrounding neighborhood, what’s to come in the future, are all considerable attributes to consider, in addition to the unique and luxurious characteristics of the home itself. Dwelling in opulence above the heart of Atlantic Station and that abundance of entertainment that surrounds, from surrounded by an abundance of entertainment and recreation, the residents of Atlantic have the best of the best location. 

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