Gardening From a New View

Mar 22, 2021

Gardening From a New View

As we highly anticipate Spring weather and blooming flowers, those who dwell above Atlantic Station have begun to dream up their perfect balcony garden. Watch flowers grow from new heights; the balcony of your private residence at Atlantic will make the best home for your plants and herbs. Atlantic offers its residences the chance to garden, no matter where you are in the sky. By following a few simple steps and putting your green thumb to good use, your balcony garden will be in full bloom right before your eyes.

Albeit gardens don’t normally grow in the sky alongside luxury condominiums, but rather in the earth’s ground, sprouting new life from a new view is possible with the right tools. As Atlantic residents boast a closer proximity to the golden sun, your plants will have more than enough sunlight exposure throughout the day. 

Grow delicious ingredients for your favorite meals right outside your living room. The best vegetables grow in small spaces, making your balcony the perfect spot. With the right amount of water and a collection of appropriate gardening tools, your plants and herbs will flourish on your balcony garden. 

Pro tip: Before getting started, make sure to achieve a good pair of gardening gloves, pruning sheers, a watering can, hand shovel, and garden fork. These tools are best for gardening in smaller spaces and will be essential as you begin to pot your plants. 

Spend warmer days cultivating beautiful flowers or herbs for your kitchen, and bring more beauty to your sweeping balcony; gardening from a new view at the opulent Atlantic. Visit for more information about this luxurious Atlantic Station lifestyle.