Morning Coffee From a New View

Dec 16, 2020

Morning Coffee From a New View

Morning coffee: as the dark roast coffee grinds fuse with boiling water, and the sweet aroma of java fills your private residence above Atlantic Station, residents are reminded that enjoying an old and favored drink is an entirely new experience from this view; whether it be a slow perk from the Nespresso in your kitchen or a latte from Rising Roll, your morning coffee tastes better at Atlantic. 

An Adored Classic

To many, coffee is more than just a way to self-caffeinate at the start of a new day. Coffee, especially that of the Atlantic Station local brews, provides many with a sense of community and purpose; coffee is associated as the drink of conversation and a means of social interaction. Many consider coffee to be an art form; this thoughtfully created beverage is multifaceted and its very creation is masterfully generated. Through methodical combinations of flavors and perfectly ground seeds, the smoothest, richest, most uniquely flavored drink is made. 

Local Brews

Moments away from the luxury of these Atlantic Station private residences, urbanites will find local favorite coffee joints like, BRASH, Prevail Union Coffee, The Warhorse Coffee Joint, and Chattahoochee Coffee Company. Each offering a unique and perfectly hand crafted beverage with locally sourced ingredients and flavorful syrupy additions. Your perfect latte can be found just an arm’s reach away from home accompanied by a distinguished sense of comparability as you sip on shared passion and fraternize with neighbors.  

Atlantic is a place to make every day life feel newly-discovered; a community that enjoys locally brewed coffees and rich conversation. Choose to make your traditions feel renewed at Atlantic. To become a part of this refreshing community and for more information about life from a new view, visit