The Power of Piedmont Park

Sep 16, 2020

The Power of Piedmont Park

Size alone might have made Piedmont Park one of our most precious, but there is a lot more to it than that. At 185 acres when it began, Piedmont Park has been called “the Central Park of the South,” not only for its size, but also for its accessibility. A recent expansion of the Park, although it is just slightly under three more acres, opens a new front door by extending the park grounds north to Piedmont Road and Monroe Drive, putting it just 10 minutes from Atlantic Station. This greater connection bodes well for the value of the luxury condos located there.


The Vertical View

The skyrise lifestyle of Midtown includes just the measure of outdoor enjoyment that residents want to add, thanks to having the park so very nearby. Thriving through years of active care from the Piedmont Park Conservancy, the Park has a place deep within the hearts of Atlantans of every generation.

A closer connection from Piedmont Park to one of Atlanta’s other green treasures is now under way, too. Expanding east along Piedmont Road, the Atlanta Botanical Garden will become even more accessible and congruent with the Piedmont Park experience, thanks to enhanced trails and recreation paths. As a resource for residents of Midtown, the Park gains even greater value.


More Green Connections

The recent addition provides for trail connections to the Atlanta BeltLine, ensuring that Piedmont Park remains not only an attractive asset in itself, but also an integral part of the system of recreational trails and connections that link 45 neighborhoods with 25 miles of ways to walk, run, bike, stroll, peruse, picnic, and just recharge.

For all the recreational value of its Piedmont Park connection, the Beltline increasingly is seen as a new, pedestrian transportation option, and businesses located along its path have proven to reap the rewards of being there. Both visionary and practical, the Beltline has grown from a 1999 master’s thesis to taking its place alongside Piedmont Park as one of the most well-loved, well-used assets of Atlanta.


The Luxury of Happy Pets

Thanks to the Piedmont Park Dog Park, skyrise residents have given themselves and their dogs some extraordinary advantages. They can take their pet to one of the spots where dogs run free, off-leash – three acres in total –  thanks to the dog-loving accommodations made here more than 15 years ago.

The entirety of Piedmont Park is dog-friendly, in fact. Dogs are welcome on-leash throughout the Park, except on certain festival weekends and at special events. Some of the water fountains in Piedmont Park even have a basin at ground level, so canine visitors can have a refreshing drink. The two fence-bounded dog parks just above Park Road, though, offer an even more dog-loving experience.

The Our abundant parks add value to Midtown, whether your goals are for living or investing. For more information on how to own at Atlantic, visit or contact us at 404.961.7111.