Dining in Midtown Today – or Tonight

Nov 13, 2018

Dining in Midtown Today – or Tonight

We should mention again that we’re not experts in cuisine, but rather real estate. And yet it’s natural for people to ask for a restaurant recommendation, whether they’re new to town or just want to refresh their “favorites” list. So please consider this a kind of current favorites list. We’d never presume to be the arbiter of “best” or “finest.”


And yet, one of the Midtown restaurants we’d like to suggest was called just that, by a somewhat more recognized authority. When it opened, Ecco was called “The Best New Restaurant in America” by Esquire Magazine. In line with taste trends that continue today, Ecco delves into particularly bold flavors from the European traditions, in all their diversity and genius. The restaurant’s wine list, it is said, may be second-to-none in the region.


From the European side of Atlanta’s heritage, let’s shift our gaze to the style of cooking Atlanta played a part in developing. One fine example is about a six-minute drive from the condos at Atlantic Station. Contemporary Southern cuisine is the specialty of South City Kitchen Midtown. In fact, South City Kitchen played an active role in reviving and reinventing Southern cooking over the course of the past 20 years.


For a traditional take on that heritage of Southern cooking, we like Mary Mac’s Tea Room. Opened in 1945, Mary Mac’s is said to serve the finest fried chicken in the city, and the atmosphere is enduring “Southern hospitality.” The tradition-anchored menu includes dishes such as fried green tomatoes, tomato pie, and treats such as classic Southern cinnamon rolls.


Brunch is a celebration in Atlanta, as it is in many hard-working cities, and the brunch at Park 75, located in the Four Seasons hotel, offers all you’d expect and more. Even old favorites such as eggs Benedict offer options like crab rather than ham, cornbread rather than English muffin, or spinach as an added attraction. For those fortunate enough reside in a nearby condo, or even if Park 75 is beyond a walk, it’s worth the trip.


Many people would include a steakhouse on their favorites’ list and we’d offer this one to consider. In addition to making steaks a thing, STK Atlanta has a happy hour that includes oysters, shrimp, crab, and a discreet array of film industry personalities who often work in Atlanta these days.


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