Atlanta’s New Luxury

Jun 12, 2018

Atlanta’s New Luxury

A well know luxury Jet company just launched nine new models of private jets over the course of just five years. For the design of the interiors, the most sought-after design studio in the world at that time based its recommendations on a big concept they called The New Luxury. The thesis of this design firm, where the hottest designers in the world wanted to work, was that luxury is not so much for show anymore.

In fact, they said, the signals of prestige that came to us from the past – velvet upholstery, thick-cushioned chairs, brightly polished wood – said all the wrong things today. Instead, they pointed to “considerate design.” Prestige comes now from how thoughtful a design proves to be, whether what you need is anticipated and provided. The prestige projected by this kind of design is based on access and simplicity.

Few designs, indeed, have so little space in which to make their statement as that of a business jet’s interior. Imagine then, how significant The New Luxury can be when it is projected onto the condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta.

Leading Lights Right Here in Atlanta

The condos at Atlantic are a strong starting point for studying The New Luxury in Atlanta. From their inception, they have been in tune with the direct approach to elegance, straightforward and clear, rather than elaborate and ornamental.Time and distance play important roles in this luxury, too, as the glories of Midtown and the Westside are right at hand, and the enterprising vitality of downtown Atlanta is near, but not too near.

Access is clearly designed into to the Atlanta condo style of living, access to arts, to dining, and to the parks and greenspaces and Beltline that set Atlanta apart among cities. And increasingly, Atlantans are finding that the return trip from work – access to home – is a key factor in the satisfactions of city living today,

Simplicity can be underestimated as a powerful principle here. The serenity of the horizontal line, the clarity of the right angle, the use of a window to frame the outside world like a work of art – all these add up to a moment-to-moment experience of excellent design that enhances rather than distracts from the interests you bring into the picture.

Considerate design is just one of the factors we weigh, in the value of a home at Atlantic. If you’d like to talk about the impact of design – of a building, a walkway, a thoroughfare, a park, a neighborhood, or a community – on your home or investment plans contact us by clicking here.