Do You Have Design Home? It’s the Newest App That Is Perfect For Decorating Your Atlantic Condo!

Jul 19, 2017

Do You Have Design Home? It’s the Newest App That Is Perfect For Decorating Your Atlantic Condo!


We here at Atlantic love our phones and we love our sense of style. From the lobby to the parking garage to the elevator, look around. We have the look of loving the finer things in life. And we happen to have our phone in our hand at the same time.

What better way to merge our love for style and design with our digital addiction than an app that helps you get your design time without putting down that phone?

In Business Wire’s “Introducing a Decor Lover’s Obsession,” the subtitle states “The Gaming Platform Brings Interior Design Challenges to Your Fingertips” and nothing could be more true, more helpful, and more fun! Design Home, is an app that “brings the best of the design world to your fingertips through interactive daily design challenges.” By working with and including “high-end furniture and decor brands” users can create spaces “from private island escapes to luxury high-rise apartments – by filling three-dimensional spaces” with actual design and decor products.

By decorating almost any room imaginable “with over 3,000 furniture and home decor items from today’s leading brands,” this addicting decorator’s dream “ is going to change the relationship between consumers and retailers” by allowing a practical “direct interaction through our incredibly realistic design challenges, furniture and decor exploration in an entertaining way,” said Chris McGill, GM of Design Home.

Even HGTV hosts their own challenges every three days. Content inspired by some of the HGTV shows that consumers know and love will be integrated into the app as well.

Vicki Neil, senior VP of HGTV explains, “We love that the beautiful design and interactive interface bring the enjoyment of home design directly to the fingertips of HGTV fans and design enthusiasts alike.”

And as Crave Online describes, “Design Home will really appeal to anyone that’s interested in living in a well-designed home or simply wants to spruce up his or her living space. It’s like bringing the pages of your favorite design mag or design account on Instagram to life. You can engage with different kinds of homes in different locations around the world, different interior details and different brands and styles of furniture. And because there are five new ‘design challenges’ each day, there’s always new content to experience.”

And just to prove how addicting it is, here is a  sweet silly story about Tom, who was planning his proposal to his girlfriend, Cassie, a real estate agent, who was obsessed with the app (note this great idea she had: She found it as a perfect opportunity to stage the apartments she sells!) . He knew he had to somehow incorporate the Design Home app into his proposal, so he tracked down the Design Home team, told them how much Cassie loved the app, and asked if they could help celebrate their engagement.. Of course, they loved the idea.

Design Home is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPad at Apple App Store and on Google Play at Google Play. Decorate your new Atlanta condo using this app!