The Top Ten Must Have Pool Accessories, Summer 2017 Edition

Jun 21, 2017

The Top Ten Must Have Pool Accessories, Summer 2017 Edition

Pool swagger. Head turner. Envy inducing. Whisper generator. And finally, the ultimate: That’s the greatest thing I’ve seen. I absolutely have to get one. Where did you get that?

While our pool amenities can stand alone without all of your fabulousness, we want to offer up a trade of sorts. With our views and luxury and this list to add to your pool prowess, it’s nothing but sunshine and the Top Ten Greatest Pool Must Haves for 2017 (with links to purchase, pics, and prices) ahead!

And just in case you are wondering, all of these are Atlantic Pool Rules Approved!

1. The Cutest Pool Ball Ever from Pottery Barn

For a mere 14.50,  choose between a pirate, shark, seahorse, or unicorn (or just get all three) and toss some conversation and the cutest beach ball we have ever seen!

2. The Wiszen Waterproof Phone Case with Full-Touch Screen Access


This magic device is 6.99! Yes, it really is! The WISZEN Waterproof Case allows you to take any sized phone (or credit cards, your license, or even a  passport), with you not only just to our pool but even into snow, mud, rain, deep ocean water, and dust storms without sacrificing the functionality of your device.

According to Amazon, the “Innovative swivel lock design provides a user friendly experience when opening or sealing the pouch. Ultra Clear-film material allows full touch screen access and button control functionality as well as the ability to take photos while the pouch is still equipped. “

3. Fin Fun’s Mermaid Tails (Best Picture Prop Ever!) 

With 24 tails to choose from, free shipping on your first order, and select tails at 20.00 off, we think “mermaid tails for everyone” should echo through Atlantic’s halls. Worried that you may fall on your tail as you try to get in it? Never fear, here is a quick video for “Easy How To” instructions !

4. The Beach People’s Original Round Beach Blanket

The Beach People were the first to put the cool into unique beach towels. With the design of “The Roundie,” the first round beach towel gained instant fame and sold out in weeks. The Beach People Company,  founded in the summer of 2013 by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie in the Australia, has built a “globally admired brand of seaside luxe essentials for everyone, everywhere to enhance one’s living spaces and life experiences from the beach to home.”Don’t believe us? Here’s last month’s InStyle’s “Celebrity Stylist Summer Must Haves” vote for these iconic towels as well!

5. His or Her’s Straw Fedora

Who says you can’t protect yourself from the sun and look uber chic? In this unisex paper straw fedora by Madewell, for just 48.00, you absolutely can do both!

6. Revolve’s Perfectly Sized Mini Pool Bag

That gigantic XXL beach bag looks a little out of place poolside. But at the same time, we all need a place to stash our other great accessories while we take a dip. This multi-color straw bag with the oh-so-trendy-fringe is just the thing.




7. Fab Cheap Sunglasses for Her from H&M

Are you even at the pool if you don’t have on the newest trend in sunglasses? Exactly. No need to be ashamed of that double posting from the tribe or to worry about squashing these cuties. 


9. KOVOT’s Waterproof-Playing-Cards

Be the Bell of the Ball or at least the Cool Kid in the Shallow End. Let’s face it, you can only look at your phone for so long before it overheats so why not a quick game of poker or Go Fish with your Atlantic neighbors?

10. Big Mouth’s Three Pack of Floating Drink Holders

Life is always better when you share. And while you don’t want those gigantic floats knocking into each other in our pool, you can’t deny your drink the opportunity to float around in the most fashionable drink holders we have ever seen!