High Rise Atlanta Living: There’s An App For That

May 21, 2017

High Rise Atlanta Living: There’s An App For That

Breathtaking views. Colossal amenities. Elegant surroundings. Kind-hearted neighbors.

Check. Check. Check. Check.

Not enough time in the day? Traffic for hours? Unfortunately, two checks there as well.

But what if we here at Atlantic scoured the digital world and provided you a handful of apps that could make your life just a tad more productive and give you more time to focus on the fun parts of decor and life?

Well, guess who has you covered once again? Check!

Interior Design Apps

On the sensational home decor site 1st Dibs, this middle man for all things gorgeous provides an assortment of apps that focus on interior design. Here are some of our favorites straight from the experts:

  1. ColorSnap

Think of this app as the Shazam! for colors and paint matches. With this app you can capture any colour you see out in the world and match it with swatches and other complimentary colours by Sherwin-Williams to paint your walls. It’s a great way to find the inspiration for your master bedroom or living room and match it with shades you can go out and purchase.

2. Curate

Art lovers everywhere: you owe the good people behind Curate a big thank-you. Gone are the days when you have to intensely squint at a painting, drawing or lithograph and puzzle over how it will look in the context of your home. Instead, Curate allows you to virtually display the piece — simply upload a photo of any blank wall — in order to give you a concrete idea as to how it will look in situ. You can also use the app to browse pieces from your favorite artists and galleries, so that you’ll never be left hanging (while hanging art) again.

Urban Life Apps

  1. Venmo

Popsugar’s Best Apps for City Living lists some of my personal favorites that have made some really annoying parts of everyday life so much easier.

For example, Venmo. As Pop Sugar puts it: Venmo will change your life and that’s not an exaggeration. Users can easily send money to and request money from friends for rent, bills, food, drinks, rides, or anything else. The secure and safe app protects your information while seamlessly connecting to your credit card or bank account. Users can customize privacy settings, add comments, and even “like” and comment to interact with each other’s payments. It’s like a social network and wallet all wrapped into one.

Urban Atlanta Life Apps

Thrillist takes Pop Sugar’s idea and applies it to the city of Atlanta specifically.

  1. MARTA On the Go

Sure, there are other apps that track MARTA buses and trains, but doesn’t it make sense to hear it straight from the horse’s — or rapid transit system’s — app? With MOTG you get precise expectations on when your ride is coming, which is much better than those brochures you’d be lucky to find at the stations.

  1. Atlanta PlanIt

PBA’s Atlanta PlanIt events calendar tracks local arts and cultural happenings throughout the city, letting you browse an all-inclusive list, do a personalized search, create a plan of action for your exploration, get alerts when favorite venues or events are updated, and pass details to friends via social sharing.

  1. BandsInTown

Get notifications when your your favorite artists come to town, buy show tickets, keep track of shows to which you’ve RSVP’d and sync them with other online calendars, share concert info with friends, and discover new bands you might want see through their Pandora-like music suggestion algorithm.

  1. Atlanta BeltLine

Taking away your long-delayed goal of navigating our fast-developing inner loop, this app helps you find access points as well as parks, trails, art on the Atlanta BeltLine stops, MARTA and other transit stations, and even parking. Detailed user guides give you info on walking, running, and biking tours, plus highlighted park amenities and nearby geotagged entertainment (add more bars!), help you plan your visit with a little third-party help from Google and FourSquare.

  1. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles: the App

If you want inspiration for your new Atlantic condo,, look no further than this app. You can read articles on the latest trends and get ideas about your new home from the gorgeous spreads. These Atlanta-area tips will help you tailor your home to what Atlanta truly has to offer.

Have your own favorite Atlanta high-rise app that has made your life easier? Do tell. Let’s do this again. With so many great minds here at Atlantic, let’s make this a thing. Give us a few months and we will report back again with some of our new favorite apps and hopefully some of yours as well!