Lines Blur Between City and Suburb

Jan 23, 2019

Commerce, communication, and connection are the probable cause for the rise of cities. The earliest gatherings of permanent homes were around fortifications for protection, so they tended to be in places hard to approach. A steep hilltop, an island, a peninsula, or any site with only one defensible approach. Any coffee table book about castles … Continue reading…

A Year in Review

Jan 12, 2019

As we examine the experience of the year just past, two familiar themes emerge from behind the projects that stand out. With Atlanta’s remarkable willingness to work together – businesses and higher education, neighborhoods and community groups, entrepreneurs and investors, arts and entertainment, and the city itself – stories of consistent cooperation run like a … Continue reading…

The New Year Arrives in Midtown

Dec 21, 2018

Atlanta’s unique approach to welcoming the New Year by slowly lowering an enormous, lighted peach from a high-rise scaffold into the midst of a 16-hour party as celebrants sing Auld Lang Syne – and any other song that occurs to them – is returning this year to Underground Atlanta. Following an excursion last yearto a site … Continue reading…

Atlantic Tour of Homes

Dec 17, 2018

Residents at Atlantic were able to enjoy the “Atlantic Tour of Homes” event. Residents and their guests were able to enjoy the work of multiple interior designers and view the upgrade options currently being offered to homebuyers at Atlantic as showcased in the model residence. Attendees also got to indulge in tasty hors d’oeuvres and cocktails throughout the evening. Scroll below to enjoy a few photos taken from at this lovely event!

Dining in Midtown Today – or Tonight

Nov 13, 2018

We should mention again that we’re not experts in cuisine, but rather real estate. And yet it’s natural for people to ask for a restaurant recommendation, whether they’re new to town or just want to refresh their “favorites” list. So please consider this a kind of current favorites list. We’d never presume to be the … Continue reading…

Atlantic Station Does The Holidays Bigger

Nov 12, 2018

Atlantic Station is going bigger for the Holidays this year with the opening of Winter Wonder Lane on Market Street. Winter Wonder Lane on Market Street will serve as the hub for all things “Holiday” at the Atlantic Station. “We look forward to welcoming guests to Atlantic Station’s biggest holiday season yet,” said Barbara Garrett, … Continue reading…

Atlantic Station’s Central Park Will Soon Become Midtown’s’ Best Public Space

Oct 31, 2018

Atlantic Station is kicking off a major transformation this week consisting of a half-billion-dollar redevelopment and expansion that includes new shops and restaurants, two new office buildings, hotel projects, and an apartment building.   This event is sure to be a milestone for all Atlantic residents due to the lifestyle embellishment this transformation is bound … Continue reading…

What Bellwood Quarry Says About Atlanta

Oct 12, 2018

We’ve written about the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry previously. In fact, it was part of a Westside story we posted just a couple of weeks ago. But we keep seeing more in the Bellwood project that is emblematic of several factors that enrich the experience of Atlanta condo living and weigh especially in favor … Continue reading…

West Midtown Still in the News

Sep 25, 2018

Ever since the rail lines brought people in and products out, the parts of Atlanta just west of Midtown have been a steady engine of progress with a restless kind of energy. Today, the condos at Atlantic Station continue benefitting from the ongoing enterprise and invention that characterizes West Midtown. Last week, the mayor led … Continue reading…

The Crossroads of Cuisine

Sep 04, 2018

Some of the world’s great cities went a long, long time without distinguishing themselves for cuisine. London springs to mind. Only in recent years did this onetime capital of an empire on which “the sun never set” become a fun place for foodies. And London has several centuries on us. So how did Atlanta become … Continue reading…

How Midtown Atlanta Stayed Fit

Aug 23, 2018

Elsewhere, a bustling, broad-shouldered, wide-ranging city like Atlanta sometimes left its center behind. All across America, the coming of the Interstate Highway system a half-century ago led, in many cases, to some degree of hollowing out in the places where those cities had seen their origins. Town squares, rail stations, and downtown shopping districts that … Continue reading…