Westside Cultural Arts Center

Sep 19, 2017

The Hearth and Forge of Midtown Atlanta One of the first glorious neighborhoods of Atlanta, Midtown came back from a 1950s migration to the suburbs, thanks to visionaries who began to work, plan, and give their talent to Midtown beginning in the late 1970s – a time when some will tell you Atlanta started getting … Continue reading…

Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station

Aug 28, 2017

Dreams Come True: Cirque du Soleil Meets Atlantic Station Living up to its reputation as the “city within the city,” Atlantic Station will give stage to Cirque du Soleil September 14th through November 19th. In so many ways, it’s a meeting that’s meant to happen. Well established now, and having influenced their two respective worlds … Continue reading…

Art Galleries and Art Purchases: Confidence Guaranteed

Aug 20, 2017

Too often many of us are intimidated by the idea of art. Whether it be touring an art gallery, buying a piece of fine art, or just knowing the basics for viewing art seems almost embarrassingly difficult. “How do you know if modern art is upside down?” “Is it really worth that much?” “Does it … Continue reading…

Our New NeverEnding Series: Meet The Neighbors, Part III. Atlantic, Meet Atlantic Station

Aug 15, 2017

One of our closest neighbors at Atlantic is also one of our favorites: Atlantic Station. Not only is it our closest neighbor, most of us probably feel like we know the most about this neighbor compared to some of the others in our series. Let’s test your knowledge! How Well Do You Know The  History … Continue reading…

Five Atlanta Websites That Quietly Seem To Know It All

Aug 09, 2017

In most industries, offices, and families, a few select people seem to know everything before anyone else knows. Not only do they know it first, they are almost always 100% right and almost always willing to share it. I typically like to sit next to those people. And listen intently. And then I may or … Continue reading…

Three August Heat Relief Strategies

Aug 03, 2017

By the time August rolls around in the South, schools have started, summer trips are winding down, and the fun of catching a few rays is not quite as inviting. In other words, Is it Fall Yet, Yall? No. Not anywhere close. And unfortunately, August is typically Atlanta’s hottest month of the year. So what … Continue reading…

The Atlantic Midtown – Grand Opening Event (VIDEO)

Jul 28, 2017

Engel and Voelkers Atlanta presents The Atlantic – Premiere Luxury Living in one of Atlanta’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Hear from some of our current residents on what makes The Atlantic the place to be.

Do You Have Design Home? It’s the Newest App That Is Perfect For Decorating Your Atlantic Condo!

Jul 19, 2017

  We here at Atlantic love our phones and we love our sense of style. From the lobby to the parking garage to the elevator, look around. We have the look of loving the finer things in life. And we happen to have our phone in our hand at the same time. What better way … Continue reading…

2017 Trends and Styles for All Balcony Decor

Jul 12, 2017

Balance in life is essential. Too often we take it for granted when we can’t quite decide what is wrong with a situation. Nine out of ten times the answer lays somewhere in the notion that you have a little too much of something or not enough of another. Balcony decor abides by that same … Continue reading…

Three Simple Dinner Party Hints for High-Rise Condo Living

Jul 05, 2017

People can’t wait to be guests of Atlantic. It probably started before you moved in. We know. We get it. Who wouldn’t want to take in the sweeping views and the iconic Art Deco vibe of this stately building? But having a few people over for a night in can be intimidating when you live … Continue reading…

Our New NeverEnding Series: Meet The Neighbors, Part II. Atlantic, Meet The Millennium Gate.

Jun 28, 2017

One of our closest neighbors at Atlantic is one that often gets the most attention. Unfortunately, that attention is often in the form of something like this: Wow, look at that over there! It’s so beautiful. It looks like all of those arches in Europe. So, what is it exactly? The Gate, as it is … Continue reading…

High Rise Atlanta Living: There’s An App For That

May 21, 2017

Breathtaking views. Colossal amenities. Elegant surroundings. Kind-hearted neighbors. Check. Check. Check. Check. Not enough time in the day? Traffic for hours? Unfortunately, two checks there as well. But what if we here at Atlantic scoured the digital world and provided you a handful of apps that could make your life just a tad more productive … Continue reading…