Putting it Together

Jan 18, 2023

Putting it Together

This month is named for the Roman symbol for beginnings. On an ancient coin, Janus bears two faces, and yet rather than division, these faces represent a kind of unity, a capacity to see fore and aft with equal benefit. Janus was the symbol of doorways and archways, and it dates back even before the founding of Rome. We get the reminder every year as we turn our calendars.

What can we learn from a symbol that seems to face in two directions? Maybe it is cause to question our habit of thinking either/or, of believing that we can’t have it all. The homes that fortunate folks have made in Atlanta high-rise condos might serve as strong examples of succeeding in this unified view of living. Here, people have put together what others were seeking when they chose between city and suburb. Living in luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown, we find that here people discovered the way to get the best of city and suburb, indoor and outdoor, relaxation and energy.

Who Needs It

Awareness is the payoff of city life. It comes from being connected to developments in culture and the ways people live their lives. That’s a big reason for the powerful interest in Atlanta Midtown condos. Businesses are still built on this everyday connection, even as work from home settles to some level of acceptance.

It was inevitable that the great cities of the world arose in places where oceans, rivers, or roads brought people together, because commerce consists of making and exchanging things that are useful in people’s lives, or offering services that make those lives more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Atlanta was born on a crossroads, in the era when rail travel revolutionized trade and industry. Atlanta embodied a remarkable resilience in staying at the hub of things. Even as a succession of technology revolutions changed the means of commerce, the character of commerce remained steadily within the grasp of Atlanta.

A Better Answer

From near the beginning, leaders in industry and commerce put their getaway homes at a distance from the bustle of business. When commerce came with smokestacks, that made a lot of sense. Yet the commuting that evolved from this lifestyle at last became a burden of its own, and it made less and less sense as the means of production became more human and less industrial.

The Atlanta high-rise condos for sale today testify that there is no longer a need to unplug from the energy of one of the world’s great cities to enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment of the lifestyle you choose.

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