The Royal Experience

Sep 23, 2022

The Royal Experience

To understand the makings of luxury, to master the ways of offering people consideration, convenience, and the thoughtful anticipation of their wants and needs, this sets apart the lifestyle of our luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown. Just as our high-rise version of art deco elegance sets it above, this ability is where our team of experienced professionals at Atlantic sets the lifestyle our residents experience apart from all the other ways of life in Midtown. The service, the design, and even the neighborhood conspire to make the experience one that you might say is fit for royalty.

Historians tell us that even the most privileged of people in ages past had nothing like the luxuries we grow to expect here today. Not even royalty. It is a level of luxury that our own forebears in living memory would find unimaginable. And yet here it is at Atlantic, at our beck and call.

Back to the Big Screen

After a couple of years of precautions, people are enjoying new movies, back on the big screen, and wondering at the thrill they feel. The vividness of four-story images and digital surround sound might be things we thought we remembered from the comfort of our Atlanta Midtown condos, and yet friends tell us that tears came to their eyes last week when they experienced those sights and sounds again, when the long pause away from seeing movies in theatres came to a reawakening.

Could it possibly be a coincidence that the movie theatre right here alongside Atlantic is called the Regal? That’s in fact how we felt when the lights went down, the screen lit up, and movies came back to life. The first preview brought us immense joy. Every sample we viewed seemed to be a must-see movie.

We couldn’t be such easy marks, a discerning audience such as we are known to be, among the Atlanta high-rise condos. But here it was. The experience was regal, the emotions were vivid, and the feelings brought an element of extra richness back into our real lives.

Among the Many Facets

The sensory emersion of motion pictures, the way they were made to be seen, is merely an option among many for Atlantic residents. Our resort-style pool and whirlpool have made the summer move fast. Our state-of-the-art fitness club and yoga studio – and the availability of fitness trainers on demand – prevented precautions from becoming a hitch in our other practices of wellbeing.

When long-postponed celebrations and family events became feasible again, then our catering kitchen and formal dining room became the settings for memories we will treasure, along with our loved ones.

The spaciousness of our residences, the incomparable views they provide, and the elegance of design that embraces, yet never confines – all these grew to be of even greater value than ever over the past couple of years.

Now, as we venture farther afield, the luxuries of the setting that surrounds us take their place once again among the reasons we are thrilled to live here. A Regal experience at the cinema was one recent reminder.

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