Atlanta’s New Luxury

Jul 01, 2022

Atlanta’s New Luxury

Recent experience placed the Atlanta sense of home in a remarkably new light. Once a home base for outside activities, Atlanta Midtown condos were suddenly cast in the role of a constant environment for work and play, rest and recreation. Although we are once again out and about, the experience of total immersion has left a lasting impression. For many, our former ideas of what home should offer have changed.

The fortunate residents of the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown known as the Atlantic were once again ahead of the trend. The reasons that their sense of satisfaction endures has much to do with the new luxury expressed in the design of these distinctive Atlanta high-rise condos.

An Enduring Sense of Home

A fundamental reason why residents of the Atlantic continue to be content is that the design of their homes is based on how it feels to be there, more than on how it looks. Behind this distinction is a philosophy that some in design circles call the new luxury. Today, luxury is not so much for show anymore.

In fact, the signals of prestige that came to us from the past – deep upholstery, thick curtains, brightly polished wood – say all the wrong things today. Instead, a principal called considerate design prevails. Luxury comes now from how thoughtful a design proves to be, whether what you need is anticipated and provided. The satisfaction imparted by this kind of design is based on the desires for access and simplicity.

When Desires are Considered

The few remaining Atlantic Station condos for sale offer a strong starting point for studying the new luxury and its impact on Atlanta living. From their inception, they have been in tune with the direct approach to elegance, straightforward and clear, rather than elaborate and ornamental. Time and distance play important roles in this luxury, too, as the glories of Midtown, the Westside, and the arts district are right at hand. The enterprising vitality of downtown Atlanta is near, but not too near.

Access is clearly designed into this of living – access to the arts, to dining, and to the parks and greenspaces and Beltline that set Atlanta apart among cities. The miracle of high-rise living is the paradox of being in the center of everything, and yet peacefully apart.

Simplicity can be underestimated as a powerful principle here. The serenity of the horizontal line, the clarity of the right angle, the use of a window to frame the outside world like a work of art – all these add up to a moment-to-moment experience of excellent design that enhances rather than distracts from the interests you bring into the picture.
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