A Matter of Perspective

Jun 01, 2022

A Matter of Perspective

Having reevaluated our sense of home now that many of us can work from there, at least for part of the week, has prompted people to ask themselves again where they would prefer to live – city or suburb. The answer depends on your perspective, and if you are fortunate to enjoy the elevated perspective of Atlanta high-rise condos, then choosing city life is no sacrifice. A walk with the dog after work, a place where neighbors encounter each other without planning it, a place where their children can play the way they once did and still flourish among the riches of culture that are found in one of the world’s great cities – all these pleasures and privileges can be rolled into one lifestyle among the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown.

Atlanta Midtown condos present a fertile ground for synthesizing city life with a walking, biking, strolling neighborhood feel, and they demonstrate every day that “urban chic” can be unpretentious, down to earth, and still offer the essence of innovative appeal. Even here in the heart of commerce and finance for Atlanta, Midtown presents enduring value and appeal, with ongoing initiatives and a plan that make living near work a pleasure. Here people discover streetscapes and green spaces blended with the same care as the fine cuisine you’ll also find among Midtown’s glorious selection of restaurants.

The Pinnacle Point of View

As one of the tallest residential buildings in Atlanta, and tallest of all in Midtown, Atlantic offers as many reasons to prefer city living as there are people who make this exceptional choice. The views and horizons, the sundowns and sunups, are barely the beginning. As many people, it seems, who celebrated the ceasing of a trip to the office during pandemic precautions, there are just as many – or more – who welcome the chance to go back there from time to time, as work-from-home policies continue to evolve. Even if your commute is only occasional, it is a comfort to make it minimal.

Avoiding a commute is far from the only reason that so many choose Midtown over suburban life, even now, because the best use of our urban advantages extends well beyond the workday. In fact, an experienced commuter we know from New York says he always moved back to Manhattan because commuting life seemed upside-down. “The city in the daytime and the suburbs at night seemed like exactly the wrong idea,” he said. As Atlanta takes its place among the world’s great cities, many Atlanta residents are coming to the same conclusion.

Facts Behind Opinions

The reasons to choose the luxury high-rise life are not only matters of taste. Practical reasons also support choosing condos over single-family homes. Most of the time and cost of maintenance and upkeep can go straight to another budget line – such as keeping up and deepening those relationships with family and friends. As careers in a global economy begin again to include travel, there’s more peace of mind in saying so-long to a skyrise that will be continually attended to than departing one’s freestanding home out of town. And then, the advantage of access doesn’t wait for a trip; it is yours every day.

The life we find here in the tallest of the Midtown skyrise luxury residences offers all of this and more. To find out what the opportunity could mean for you, call us at 404-946-8363 or find out more at ownatlantic.com.