The Essential Room

Apr 19, 2022

The Essential Room

There’s nothing “extra” about it. Because these are some of the largest three-bedroom luxury condos in Midtown Atlanta, there is certainly nothing “spare.” A third bedroom has proven – in recent years more than ever – to be an essential element for enjoying the best of Atlanta high-rise condos.

An important part of enjoying the company of family, loved ones, and friends at home, they say, is having a choice in how much togetherness to enjoy – and when. The Atlanta Midtown condos of Atlantic provide that choice with abundance. Today people are appreciating it more than ever.

Goodbye Commute

Rather than saying goodbye for the day in the driveway or at a train station, many instead are saying goodbye to the commute itself. Companies of all kinds are today negotiating the terms on which people will come back to the office at all – how often, how long, and on which days. Getting it settled is a management topic today, yet one thing is certain. Our expectations for where we work are not likely ever to be the same as before.

So many of us are carrying on our careers remotely – away from the workplace or studio, but very much in the presence of family. So that third bedroom – often an office or study to begin with – is now even more important. Folks who put their computer, printer, and peripherals in that “extra” bedroom when they moved in are now unexpectedly glad to have this devoted workspace, with its degree of privacy. Everyone from colleagues to television commentators is coming to us from a setting that looks a lot like a spare bedroom. Folks who are fortunate to live in the luxury residences of Atlantic are, undoubtedly, the best situated of all.

The Vista from Home

Rising above the Atlanta scene, not only in view, but also in glamor and sophistication, the views from Atlantic simply never get old. No sunset is the same. No cloud travels in any way as an imitation. And the heartbeat of one of the world’s great cities provide a tireless panorama. The sightlines built into the open designs of these luxury residences make them feel like a home in the heavens.

Something we see from here extends beyond the horizon, too. The resilience with which Midtown has met and surmounted the unexpected developments of the past couple of years is yet another remarkable sight.

A greater appreciation of our own homes is among the changes that linger. After all, many of us lived our lives until recently in a two-car, drive-through world. Where home was a hub for things we did elsewhere. Today, enjoying the home we create for ourselves more fully than ever before might, indeed, become a new trait – or at least a newly honed skill.

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