More from Home

Apr 27, 2022

More from Home

We expect to get more from our homes today. Thrust as we were into an unexpected, total-immersion course in home life beginning a couple of years ago, home for most of us changed seemingly overnight from a hub for launching our outside activities to a haven from an uncertain world. Eating, sleeping, working, living, all in the circumference of the homes we had chosen, millions were struck with a new realization.

The unprecedented homebuying markets of late 2020 and through 2021 were a passionate response to this realization. We want more from home.

More than Room

Of all the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown, perhaps the ones best suited for rising to this occasion are those at Atlantic. Among the largest three-bedroom Atlanta high-rise condos, the basic qualification is well settled. Yet, the reasons people more and more are considering Atlantic extend far beyond abundant space alone. To be situated in the vibrant hub of one of the world’s most successful live-work-learn-play neighborhoods brings the blessings of connections, too.

The proximity of our precious Piedmont Park ranks higher than ever in the advantages of choosing to live in the finest of the Atlanta Midtown condos. Extending exponentially beyond the striking high-rise views, the nearness of art and commerce and cuisine, the wealth of options we enjoy here for engaging Atlanta on any level, indoor or outdoor, is a treasure of which we never lose sight. That treasure is the luxury of choice. The options we enjoy here are quite simply unsurpassed.

Settled in Science

The direct connection between where we are and how we feel might seem obvious, and yet it is the subject of some fresh new scholarship. Advances in neuroscience make it possible to study more specifically how we respond to our environments. The benefits, the positive impact on a person’s outlook of environmental factors such as these, and of the excellent design that frames them, is well settled in this scholarship.

It matters where we spend our time, where we call home. Knowing that we are always growing – if we give ourselves the chance to do so – doesn’t it make sense to choose an environment that nurtures and sustains that growth?

As a result, thinkers such as distinguished architecture professor Harry Francis Mallgrave observe that a lack of curiosity about this connection “is no longer tenable.” Mallgrave writes that, “the quality of these environmental fields has a powerful impact on our cognitive and organic development over a relatively short time.”

Perfecting the setting for your new version of home is a worthwhile use of your awareness and attention today, and we can help shed light on taking full advantage of this train of thought. Just give us a call at 404-946-8363 or find out more at