The View from the Top

Feb 16, 2022

The View from the Top

Not surrounded by water, like Manhattan, nor pushed by hills toward a bay like San Francisco, nor strung along a vital river like Philadelphia, you might say Atlanta’s skyline began purely as an emblem of ambition. It wasn’t a lack of land that drove the Atlanta skyline so high. For years one of our bank buildings stood as the tallest skyscraper outside New York or Chicago, and people in search of bragging rights could say Atlanta had the highest skyline of any state capital.

Today, Atlanta’s high-rise lifestyle is a vital component for attracting the in-the-know, as well as the well-to-do. Because it is well settled that Atlanta stands among the great cities of the world, the question is no longer about status or record-setting, but rather about livability. In this respect, the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown are a resource for economic development that bodes well for the future value of Atlanta high-rise condos, because people continue to choose the vitality and creative confluence of cities.

Yes, despite what you might have heard about a renewed tilt toward the suburbs, the creative class, entrepreneurs, and energizers who fuel the 21st century economy are noticeably in favor of staying connected actually, and not just virtually. Here in one of the pinnacles of Atlanta’s skyline, we see it every day, as discerning homebuyers make their own inspections of Atlanta high-rise condos for sale.

Leaders in an Ideal

Atlanta’s ambitious skyline, and the Atlanta Midtown condos there, put us ahead of the trend, when architects and influential planners defined the new live-work-play ideal for urban living. Our own history had already provided a rich blend of up-to-the-minute design, faithfully reclaimed and restored historic buildings, and providential green spaces to form the perfect backdrop for mixed-use neighborhoods with a sense of community. And these versions of the new urban lifestyle include leading examples of true luxury.

Surrounded by the splendor and convenience of Atlantic Station, our modern take on Art Deco sophistication, with its sleek geometric lines, the Atlantic has been a magnet for interesting people in the know. What a privilege it is to serve as guides to fulfilling their vision.

The Magnetic Variety

Because no one vision of city living forms the attraction for the new generation of economic drivers, the fertile variety of city life as viewed from the heights of Midtown is what bodes so well for Atlanta’s continued role in the building of prosperity here, long into the future.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss what achievements such as these could mean to you, for living or investment. It is not enough for us to be among the tallest. We strive also to be the best. Call us at 404-946-8363 or find out more at