Healthy Heart

Jan 21, 2022

Healthy Heart

Uncertainty might seem to be our ever-present companion these days, as the persistence of sensible health precautions prompts new ways of approaching things we used to take for granted. Thanks to the steady, ongoing work of Atlanta’s Midtown Alliance, however, the environment for Atlanta midtown condos has never faltered in its design for prosperity. The heart of Atlanta is as healthy as ever, and we see ample reasons to be confident in the year taking shape right now.

Bigger Taller More

Eight proposals placed before Midtown’s Development Review Committee last year are under review. All together, they represent substantial enhancements to Midtown’s already brawny capacity for supporting commerce while offering the combination of convenience and luxury that underpins the popularity of Atlanta high-rise condos.

–        1.17 million square feet of new office space

–        1,983 new residential units

–        60,000 square feet of new retail space

And last year’s activity is merely the top layer of a longer, steadier story. True, it is remarkable the amount of further investment and engagement was devoted to Midtown in a year that might otherwise have been seen as uncertain, because of evolving news and health precautions. Yet a longer view may be even more encouraging.

Nearly 60 Points of Proof

Proof positive of the value that arises from the continuing commitment to Midtown was presented in a year-end briefing by Midtown Alliance CEO and president Kevin Green. Across one square mile of Midtown, 57 buildings have been delivered since 2010. The majority of these were classified by the Alliance as major developments. Where visitors once commented on the prevalence of surface parking lots and low-rise retail establishments, their comments today are more often something like, “Wow. I could live there.”

Quality of Life to Match

As an endorsement of the continuing desire for luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown, these proposals are emphatic. And yet, the quality of life that more than 30 years of careful, collaborative planning through the Midtown Alliance has provided, is what completes the picture of prosperity that these proposals present.

Shaded streetscapes, bike lanes, pocket parks, and plazas are the not-so-secret ingredients of Midtown that make it one of the world’s most successful mixed-use neighborhoods. In fact, the results of a managed and directed process that enlists thousands of citizens and businesses in a productive dialogue have proven to be astounding. Private initiatives have resulted in more than $4.5 billion of new investment in Midtown since 1997, and the momentum continues today.

Thanks to the engaged and ongoing process of Blueprint Midtown, this quality of life is preserved and projected into the future. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss what strength, vitality, and sensibility such as this could mean to you, for living or investment. Call us at 404-946-8363 or find out more at