Enjoying the View

Jan 13, 2022

Enjoying the View

The enduring, ever-increasing popularity of Atlanta high-rise condos for sale stems, in part, from the view that people enjoy from here. Their view is not only geographic and physical – although that alone can spectacular. It includes a point of view that many find energizing, encouraging, and optimistic. And why not? Nothing shrinks the concerns of the here-and-now better than taking a longer, broader view. In so many ways, this is what people seek, gain, and achieve in the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown.

Putting Life Right-Side Up

Today, as more people than ever realize the flexibility of working from wherever they choose, the magnetism of Midtown draws so many to Atlanta Midtown condos because, for them, city living just “gets it right.” An experienced commuter we know from New York says he always moved back to Manhattan because commuting life seemed upside-down. “The city in the day and the suburbs at night seemed like exactly the wrong idea,” he said. As Midtown flourishes in its magnetism, and Atlanta further secures its place among the world’s great cities, many Atlanta residents are coming to the same conclusion.

The practical reasons are many for choosing midtown condominiums over single-family homes. Most of the cost of maintenance and upkeep can go straight to another budget line – such as the experiences that deepen relationships with family and friends. As careers in a global economy continue, and return to insistence on some degree of travel, there’s more peace of mind in saying so-long to a skyrise that will be continually attended to than departing one’s freestanding single-family home. And then, there’s the advantage of access.

Staying on Top of Things

That Manhattan friend told us that no amount of reading, study, research, or professional observation ever took the place of his morning walk to the subway station for seeing what was on people’s minds – another reason he always moved back from the suburbs. City life is an experience of immersion, and high-rise living gives you the advantage of options – the degree of immersion you enjoy on any day, or time of day, is up to you.

And as any Midtown resident can tell you, the best use of urban advantages extends well beyond the workday. One reason we welcome visitors is for the chance to show them around. It is just the excuse we need to act like tourists in our own hometown.

The Meaning of World-Class

The Georgia Aquarium is eye-popping, no matter how many times you might have gone. One associate remembers a business conference that was held there, with dinner served between two floor-to-ceiling tanks full of exotic and colorful creatures from all over the seven seas. The impression that conference made is permanent. It was equally memorable as a family outing for another friend who brought her hard-to-impress pre-teen sons. She could see from the start that they would never forget.

Tours of the Mercedes Benz Stadium are available for scheduling, and whether your plans are business or pleasure, family or personal, the trip is a reassuring connection with the reality of excellence around here, a reminder that Atlanta is in the middle of many of the finest things being endeavored – and achieved – in this century of new discovery.

And most don’t need a reminder of the outsized arts community we enjoy here in Atlanta. A focal point is a 15-minute walk from here, The High Museum of Art, and yet the High is barely the beginning. What we are immersed in here in Midtown defies description.

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