Making Home Where You Long to Be

Oct 14, 2021

Making Home Where You Long to Be

The vigorous homebuying market of recent years has been fueled by far more than low interest rates. The human factors behind people’s passion for finding and making the homes of their dreams include some fresh ways of thinking about home, and some new dimensions of freedom in where we can choose to locate. Atlanta high-rise condos took on even greater appeal for many, when working from home evolved from a temporary expedient to a long-term evolution.

An industry term, Quarantine Influenced Demand (QID) is gaining some currency as a way of referring to a new chapter in what people want their homes to provide, and where they want their homes to be situated. Home became far more than a hub for outside activities, as a result of stay-at-home precautions in 2020. As the setting for living, working, and playing; for planning, dreaming, and collaborating – suddenly people set a higher standard of home.

What We Were Missing

Millions found the old ways to be not good enough anymore. That third bedroom no longer served sufficiently, when the occasional study or “home office” became the all-day-every-day workplace for so many. A greater view of the outdoors or the presence of a powerful skyline rose in priority from an amenity to a necessity. A connection with the energy and culture and commerce of one of the world’s great cities attracted more people than ever to the Midtown condos of Atlanta.

Now that millions of homebuyers are finding the freedom to locate more to their liking, and many are exercising this newfound option to live where they long to be, the home of their dreams is no longer off in the distance. For a fortunate faction of city lovers, the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown are an ideal they no longer want to postpone.

When the Dream House is a Condo

Awareness is the payoff of city life. It comes from being connected to developments in culture and the ways people live their lives. That’s a big reason for the powerful interest in the luxury condos in Atlanta Midtown. Businesses are built on this everyday connection. Commerce consists of making and exchanging things that are useful in people’s lives or offering services that make those lives more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

These same advantages that help businesses thrive in the energy of a great city also combine to offer some uniquely fulfilling choices for a refined and abundant quality of life. In Atlanta, as in other great cities, the security of a luxury condo is one of the drawing cards. Access is limited and controlled, and yet the option of making connections that residents enjoy day after day are vastly increased by residing in the heart of the city.

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