At Home Spa Day Essentials

Feb 09, 2021

At Home Spa Day Essentials

The month of love doesn’t only pertain to romantic dates and fun nights out with friends; February is a reminder to show yourself some much needed love. There is no truer way to recharge than a day dedicated to self-care and leisure activity. At-home spa days are not a castle in the sky at Atlantic: wash your worries away from your opulent oasis in the Atlantic Station clouds. 

Every bedroom and its bathroom are perfectly paired and were designed to double as a wellness retreat; with the intention to serve as a seamless retreat from the vibrancy below, the luxury condominiums of Atlantic have thoughtfully created a tranquil space to both live and dwell from inside your home. When planning your spa-day at home, make sure to include the essentials. 

Tranquil Transition

Scent has the most potent ability to transform your state of mind. In setting the tone for your spa-day, it is important to optimize your essential oil diffuser with peaceful, mind-calming scents. 

And, as you go to run your bath, pour in the most relaxing combinations of salts to guarantee the most soothing soak and optimize your mental repose.

As your fingertips begin to prune, reach for your Matouk robe and slip into your wooly slippers to glide about your condominium in ultra-contentment. While your hair is towel-tied away, gently place your favorite face mask onto your warmed skin, to fully optimize the hydration, and retreat to your couch for a moment of meditation. 

Life at Atlantic offers a fresh perspective and new opportunities. Fully unplug as you blissfully dwell above the spirit of Atlantic Station on your self-care days; live lavishly appointed in the clouds, free from stress and worry. For more information about living life from a new view, visit