Midtown School Spotlight – Far More Than Street Smart

Sep 16, 2020

Midtown School Spotlight – Far More Than Street Smart

Near the skyrise neighborhood of Midtown are some remarkable educational opportunities for the growing number of families who make their homes there. Part of the success of the luxury condos near Atlantic Station can be chalked-up to having fine schools close at hand.

Though hardly to be classed as merely among the wealth of services and amenities these Midtown condos have within their easy reach, strong schools can be the deciding factor for families, or for couples who are contemplating a family. Atlanta is not one of those cities that forces its young parents to the suburbs, unless that is their real desire.

Considering the advantages of pre-kindergarten education, providing a base of confidence, social, and emotional well-being that sticks with a child, and bears fruit through the rest of school, and adult life as well, let’s take a look at the schools available to Midtown from that point on, by beginning with a couple of pre-k possibilities.


Some Conspicuous Examples

Sometimes it’s the simplest names that denote the richest heritage. This certainly may be the case with The Children’s School. Located just nine minutes from the private residences of The Atlantic, The Children’s School devotes itself to the mission of enriching minds and inspiring dreams.  As one parent described it, “One of the best, most progressive schools in Atlanta. We couldn’t be happier with our time there.” Offering a journey in transformative learning, The Children’s School leads children to discover their strengths, their interests, and their passions.

Another option for parents – or future parents – perusing the condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta, is the Primrose School of Druid Hills. Yes, even for Midtown children, it is only minutes away. Continuity is an advantage to consider, and it comes into play with the Primrose School’s offering of childcare and daycare, along with pre-school education. This way the children of a career couple might reap the benefits of an ongoing experience at Primrose from a very early age indeed, right up through the time to enter Kindergarten.


Happiness and the Habits of Mind

The Howard School is focused on the education of K-12 students with language-based learning disabilities. Here, students with neurological differences that challenge one’s ability to process written language sequentially – and their parents – find answers in learning, but also a way of life that continues to enrich and reward.

A characteristic of the approach taken at The Howard School, that reads like a guidebook for   navigating life in the 21st century – or any other century – are the 16 learned tendencies called Habits of Mind. It’s hard to read these insightful characteristics without some degree of desire, even envy. From the simplicity of “persisting,” to the practice of “listening with understanding and empathy,” to “thinking flexibly” and “taking responsible risks,” these 16 habits are to be valued highly in any life. To encounter them early, at The Howard School, would be a great privilege for anyone.

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