In Full View of the Finest

Sep 16, 2020

In Full View of the Finest

From the tallest residential building in Midtown, residents of the Atlantic enjoy a commanding skyrise view of a neighborhood named near the very top of a list of the best places to live in Georgia. Atlantic Station appeared fourth in the recent list of Georgia’s best places to live, outpacing all but three of them.

This will come as no surprise to folks fortunate to live in the Atlantic Station environs. What might be surprising is the unusually analytical way our neighborhood achieved this distinction.


Who Says So and Why is an enterprise that rates and ranks neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. For the past 18 years, they have applied the scientific skills and viewpoint that are so unusually abundant where they originated, in Pittsburgh, home of Carnegie Mellon University, a noted hotbed of computer science and home to more than its share of people proud to be math “nerds,” including the originators of

With a weighted analysis of 15 factors ranging from cost of living and higher-education rate, through health and fitness and even nightlife, all the way to weather and shortest commute, Niche puts the numbers through their paces as only “quant jocks” can do. The result is a ranking of best places to live that is more fact-based, or at least more factor-based, than any other we have seen. It places Atlantic Station at No. 4 among the top 150 places to live in all of Georgia.


What Lives Beyond Analysis

A rigorous, mathematical approach to identifying the “best place to live” is impressive. Good for building a list, but how does a person come to that unique conclusion about the best place to live that is truly their own? Desirability is a very individual question, and it is likely to resist analysis because of its own subjectivity and complexity. Even the most accomplished scientists find respect for intuition, because every analysis is to some extent “reductive.” Who defines the factors? Who assigns the weights? Only then is the math objective.

Understanding what makes the best place to live an authentic, personal conclusion is our own area of expertise. We are happy to share it, whether your goals are for living or investing. For more information on how to own at Atlantic, visit or contact us at 404.961.7111.