Midtown Dining Guide

Jun 22, 2020

Midtown Dining Guide

Even the spectacular birds-eye views from the skyrise condos here might have gotten a little too familiar during the many weeks of stay-at-home living this year. Some of us have commented that we can’t remember having so many home-cooked meals in a row since we left home for school, what seems like ages ago. Now that some of our favorite restaurants are carefully re-opening for dine-in service, let’s have a look around and see some of what we can look forward to.

Feels Like Home

Knowing that the goal just now may be to dine in a place other than home for a change, we’d still like to begin by highlighting South City Kitchen, for the way it plays tradition back in a fresh and unaccustomed way from its iconic bungalow in Midtown. Executive Chef John Spotkill came to Atlanta from Boston, and so he approaches classic Southern cuisine with the inventive touch that comes from someone outside the old circle, someone who sees the difference. His nearly two decades of experience bring to Midtown’s contemporary Southern restaurant a love of discovery that keeps traditions tasting new.

Precautions you’ll encounter at South City Kitchen include reduced seating and correct distancing, enhanced employee training and protocols, high-frequency cleaning and disinfecting, touch-free menu and payment options, and a cash-free procedure that avoids surface exchange. The care with which South City Kitchen has always approached its cuisine is now matched by the conscientious way they are approaching their return.

Nearby and Comfortable

The easy-going atmosphere and delicious dishes we’ve come to expect in Atlantic Station from the Yard House were kept in our dining repertoire through online ordering and payment, and with car-side pickup, during the recent weeks of stay-at-home. Now the Yard House is reopening their dining room with care. With a clear program of what precautions they are taking on, and what precautions they ask from their guests, we’re glad to have the Yard House back on our short list of neighborhood options for Midtown dining.

The exotic popularity of Thai food in Midtown at Nan Thai Fine Dining is open again for dining in. The restaurant’s own heritage is rich in authenticity and experience, as Chef Nan learned her ways from her mother in Thailand and honed her craft in the competitive restaurant world of New York City, bringing the beauty of what she learned at last to Atlanta. Also open again for dining in is an excellent seafood option, the Oceanaire.

Quality and resourcefulness make our Midtown restaurants an enjoyable example of qualities that make Atlanta itself an enduring success. For more information on how to own at Atlantic, visit https://ownatlantic.com/contact/ or contact us at 404.961.7111.