Home Life Today with the Largest 3-Bedroom

Apr 14, 2020

Home Life Today with the Largest 3-Bedroom

In a matter of weeks, even days, the texture of everyday life has taken an unexpected turn toward home. From a society in which even computer power couldn’t keep pace unless it was mobile, many of us have suddenly found our way home for most of the day. As good citizens in a time of needful responses, we’re rediscovering home as the setting for much of our day-to-day life. How long will this last? Not forever, that’s for sure.

And yet, of the many changes that people are speculating might stay with us, even when this homebound time is over, is a greater appreciation of our own homes. After all, most of us have lived our lives until now in a two-car, drive-through world. So, more fully enjoying the home we create for ourselves might indeed become a new trait, or at least a newly honed skill.

The people who make their homes in Midtown, have the advantage of nearby resources that deliver. And those who have already chosen the luxury residences of the Atlantic are fast coming to appreciate the wisdom of their decision even more. Known for the largest three-bedroom floorplans, the Atlantic presents so many ways to enjoy the luxury of space and smart design.

The Personal Options of Space

An important part of enjoying the company of family, loved ones, and friends at home, they say, is having a choice in how much togetherness to enjoy, and when. The Atlantic’s three-bedroom condos provide that choice with abundance. Today, people are appreciating it more than ever.

Many of us are carrying on our careers remotely – away from the workplace or studio but very much in the presence of family. So that third bedroom – often an office or study to begin with – is now even more important. Folks who put their computer, printer, and peripherals in that “extra” bedroom when they moved in are now unexpectedly glad to have this devoted workspace, with its degree of privacy. Everyone from colleagues to television commentators is coming to us from a setting that looks a lot like a spare bedroom. Those fortunate to live in the luxury residences of the Atlantic are perhaps the best situated of all.

Our Home in the Sky

Most people, even when they are out-and-about, don’t have the thrill of a wide-open, skyrise view like this one. The sightlines built into the open designs of these luxury residences make them feel like a home in the heavens.

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