How Midtown Works Out

Mar 23, 2020

How Midtown Works Out

Now that Midtown is no longer the exclusive domain of the business high rise, now that condos such as the private residences of Atlantic Station grow prosperous in response to the mixed-use, live-work-play preference of the Atlanta 21st Century, knowledge-based workforce, the folks that make the business community hum want their workout, and they want it nearby. The answers to this demand are several, and they are highly rated.

The residents of Midtown need venture no farther than Peachtree Street NE to find two fine examples. Because many service and technology and professional careers want what they want when they want it, Anytime Fitness Midtown is the choice of many. In addition to the flexibility of time, Anytime Fitness has the advantage of a densely spotted network of gyms across the state, the region, and the nation coast-to-coast.

Even closer to the center of Midtown, Lion’s Den Fitness, at 9th and Peachtree, puts an emphasis on personal training. Accredited personal trainers create customized training plans and lead a series of before and after-work classes that, in a week, work the body from head to toe.

Intense and Efficient

Blast Midtown, on 6th Street NE, is on a mission to change as many lives as founder Missi Wolf, studio manager Nikiya Johnson and her team can reach. Named with an acronym, for Balanced Level of Aerobic/Anaerobic and Strength Training. “Oh, and it’s a BLAST,” they say. The science behind their approach is High Intensity Interval Training, as an efficient way to build muscle, lose weight, and improve the cardiovascular system on a one-hour workout.

A Bit Farther Afield

The Forum Athletic Club Midtown is, in fact, located in Ponce City Market, on the southeast fringe of Midtown. Yet, it figures prominently in the workout plans of many Midtown residents and executives. In every way a serious gym, the Forum nevertheless cultivates a family-friendly atmosphere. Invited guests occasionally include visiting movie folk who often specify the neighborhood for their lodging during film shoots.

Outdoors and Loving It

The “emerald necklace” of the flourishing system of Atlanta parks, the Atlanta Beltline is all a runner, walker, bicyclist or circuit-trainer could dream to use, and the Eastside Trail is the Midtown connection to it. As fine as the facilities of Midtown health clubs and gyms might be, what could compare with the wisely and expertly wrought trail that connects the greatest of our parks, many of the most sought-after Atlanta neighborhoods and condos, and the bourgeoning services, pleasures, and conveniences that thrive along the green connections?

Attracting the people who drive a 21st Century economy, people who place a priority on exercise and the outdoors as part of the quality of life on which they insist, even Midtown connects with the Beltline. And it’s not just a walk in the park. Offering free fitness classes since 2013, the Atlanta Beltline misses no opportunities.

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