Cirque du Soleil and Seeing Things Differently

Mar 13, 2020

Cirque du Soleil and Seeing Things Differently

As a regular visitor to Atlantic Station, the world-famous Cirque du Soleil brings its own up-to-the-minute, exuberant version of the age-old fascination of circus. The spectacle of other human beings doing unlikely and jaw-dropping things – and demonstrating talents that require inborn good fortune and lifetimes of practice – is somehow as new as can be, in the hands of the masters at Cirque. We are fortunate that they bring it within easy reach of the condos of our favorite Midtown skyrise.

In their most recent performance series, completed January 5 under the Big Top at Atlantic Station, Cirque du Soleil presented VOLTA, the tale of a character who finds freedom and happiness in discovering what makes him unique. Still related to his world, his skills in sports, acrobatics, and all forms of movement set the Volta character apart – and set him free.

Atlantic Station and Cirque du Soleil have this in common: they began with a dream, and their impact and influence were so great that we might forget how original they truly are.


True Originals in Action

Drawing on the dreamlike quality that circuses used to bring to a younger and less worldly audience, Cirque du Soleil erupted into an entirely new experience of color, music, light, fantasy, and astounding human performances that has proven to return even sophisticated audiences to that state of gasping, childlike amazement that circuses must have brought to people a century ago.

Atlantic Station, in its own way, soared up over the bedrock of the past through imagination. Where an old steel mill once stood, the state of the art in modern concepts was created here by architects, artists, and city planners who shared the thrill of being asked, “What’s the best way a city could work?”


Lives More Balanced

At Atlantic Station, the answer to that key question became an example that the future turned out to follow. Here stands a place where living, working, shopping, and entertainment reside in a blend unlike any that came before it. Designed for energy efficiency, as well as human comfort and convenience, many Atlantic Station buildings are LEED certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Cirque du Soleil performances are only part of what enlivens the skyrise and condos of Atlantic Station.  We have our own Central Park, and it’s the scene for all manner of pleasant pastimes, from concerts and performances to art exhibits and family times, such as a “Tot Spot” for entertaining children five and under.


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