New Tower Under Construction in Atlantic Station

Feb 25, 2019

New Tower Under Construction in Atlantic Station

Living in Atlantic Station definitely has its perks. With many places to shop, eat, and find entertainment, Atlantic Station continues to be a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. Many developers are focusing on Atlantic Station as a premiere place to make their mark in the city, and as the area begins to grow, a wave of new developments will begin popping up in the area. One new development is the Atlantic Yards office complex, under construction with developer Hines. This new complex is in its first phase of construction and is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2020.

The Atlantic Yard’s construction, is a $189-million project along 17th Street, overlooking the connector. This brick-clad building will feature two office stacks over a three-story parking deck. With around 20,000 square feet at street level, this development will offer space for restaurant or retail and also feature green roofs.

Hines is also spearheading the redevelopment of Atlantic Station’s Central Park. This redevelopment involves the demolition of a couple of buildings that once held retail and eateries in order to create a more pronounced central green space. Bisecting the retail options on 18th and 19th street, the Central Park lawn revamp will create a pedestrian-only experience in this area. The project is scheduled to be finished by Thanksgiving 2019 and will almost double the size of the green space, as well as introduce new retail and eatery options. There is also a plan to add a new video screen for outdoor movies as well as a prominent rideshare drop off and pick up area.

As green spaces in urban areas become more popular, revamping Atlantic Station’s Central Park helps give Atlanta a competitive edge in urbanism. In an interview with Curbed Atlanta, City of Atlanta Planning Commissioner Tim Keane praised the green space expansion.

“Every city in this country is competing in this matter,” he said. “It’s like this competition in global relevance: What cities are interesting and have a lot of depth to them and are unique? Atlanta’s competing in that way … and any chance we have to improve a public realm of the city through architecture, public spaces, activity, and vibrancy is a step in the right direction.”

The Atlantic Yard’s construction and Central Park revamp is only one of several development projects underway at Atlantic Station. These changes will impact the look, function, and feel of this neighborhood. We would love to talk about the impact of these new developments. For more information, visit, and we would be happy to get in touch!