A Year in Review

Jan 12, 2019

A Year in Review

As we examine the experience of the year just past, two familiar themes emerge from behind the projects that stand out. With Atlanta’s remarkable willingness to work together – businesses and higher education, neighborhoods and community groups, entrepreneurs and investors, arts and entertainment, and the city itself – stories of consistent cooperation run like a river through the progress of Atlanta. The other theme is Atlanta’s sense of what to keep, what to build upon, and what to create from scratch. The result of these two basic ingredients is a city that stays well-positioned to meet the changing desires and priorities of the people who inspire and drive today’s economy, and tomorrows, such as the people who’ve chosen to make their home in an Atlanta condo, or even the luxurious condos at Atlantic Station.

Two of 2018’s finest examples of the Atlanta sense of what to keep and what to build on are The Interlock, a major mixed-use initiative inspired by the railroad crossings that once formed the lifeblood of early Atlanta, and the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry, a brilliant imagining of all the 21st Century good that can be mined still from the site that gave granite to Atlanta’s buildings and roads of a century ago.

A $140 million complex of office, residential, and retail space is coming to the corner of Howell Mill Road and 14th Street to comprise The Interlock. With 200,000 square feet of new office space, more than 300 residential units, and 50,000 square feet of Georgia Technology Venture space as an incubator for technology and new ventures, The Interlock is a concise summary of what it takes to thrive in the present and the future of enterprise.

An architect in a helicopter first noticed how close the Bellwood Quarry was to Atlanta’s surging skyline, and from that moment one good idea after another were blended to become the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry. Ultimately, 280 acres will make Bellwood Atlanta’s largest park, surpassing even Piedmont Park by nearly a hundred acres. In progress since 2016, further design details were unveiled in 2018 that include a gateway entrance on the north of the park, at the intersection of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place.

The Bellwood Quarry developments are connected to the 22-mile Atlanta Beltline by the Westside Trail and the seven-mile-long Proctor Creek Greenway. The huge water feature that results from the quarry, will be a 2.5-billion-gallon reserve of Atlanta drinking water, connected to the Hemphill water treatment facility by a five-mile-long tunnel. The unity of beauty and function this reservoir represents is a fitting icon for all that’s best in the year we see when we review 2018,

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