The Perks of Condo Living

May 07, 2018

The Perks of Condo Living

When people choose to make their home in a condominium, it’s a little like a corporation that outsources the processes in which they are not interested or expert. If you love mowing the lawn, or commuting, or dealing with plumbers and electricians, then a free-standing home is fertile ground. Many bright spots, too, come with free-standing home ownership, of course. And the value of living in a detached home, on grounds of your own choosing, will always be worth considering for many people.

Yet, increasingly, the value of how we experience daily life is emerging for many as a higher priority than a sense of separate ownership. And the nature of work and careers moves further from the land, in an era of intellectual capital and knowledge-based businesses. Thus, the remarkable urban migration we are seeing now all over the United States and around the world, and especially in the increasing desirability of owning an Atlanta condo.

The leading solution for owning one’s home in the heart of a major city has for some time been the condominium. The desires, impulses and advantages that lead to the value people place on the condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta is worth a closer look.

Following the First Rule of Real Estate

Location comes first on many lists of the advantages of condominium living. Few fortunes, indeed, are sufficient to afford a free-standing home in the midst of a vital, modern city, where art, commerce, recreation, society, and inspiration converge. The lifestyles of city living seem to take place on a wider canvas, with more possibilities, because of the closeness of these enormous resources.

Security is another key advantage people see when they consider a condominium. The access to condominium buildings is inherently simpler to secure, the technology for doing so is well-developed and continually evolving, and the manpower required to complete the security picture is affordable because of these two preceding factors.

Enjoying Time Itself

When people leave commuting behind, they are often, for a while, astonished at the time that suddenly becomes available to them. Condominium living affords amenities that stand ready to step into these newfound hours. Swimming pools and fitness centers are just two examples.

Staffed reception areas, secure parking, and club rooms for private events are in many cases part of a condominium dweller’s resources. The advantages lead to a “lock-and-go” lifestyle that is of tremendous value in careers that call for travel.

Increasingly the Life of Leaders

The quality of life in Midtown Atlanta continues the never-ending relevance we find in the heart of our city. The style, pace and priorities people find there are increasingly attractive to the intellects, artists and entrepreneurs who fuel our growth, our development, and our refinement in the 21stCentury, as exemplified perfectly in the condos at Atlantic Station.