Westside Getting Greener – Lots Greener

Feb 07, 2018

Westside Getting Greener – Lots Greener

A new chapter of the Atlanta Beltline Master Plan is slated to open next year, and when it is fully developed, it will offer Atlanta residents and visitors a scenic, active green space that’s 100 acres larger than even Piedmont Park. Already approved and funded by the city council, the first phase of the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry will set the stage for what follows, with a gateway entrance at the corner of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place.

Sure to enhance even further the value of the luxury condos for sale in West Midtown Atlanta, the new park will connect with the Beltline’s Westside Trail and ultimately have pedestrian links also with the Proctor Creek Greenway. Playgrounds, sports fields, recreation trails, and facilities will be arranged on upper and lower meadows, offering views of the reservoir that will take shape on the site of the old Bellwood Quarry and the Atlanta skyline.

An urban planner who first viewed the quarry site from a helicopter said he noticed that the shimmering blue-green waters of the Bellwood Quarry were “in sneezing distance of Peachtree Street.” The possibilities that come with that proximity are full of promise for Atlanta real estate, such as the condos at Atlantic Station.

Building a City and the Ways That Bind It Together

Granite from the Bellwood Quarry made roads and stately building facades for the Atlanta of a century ago. It’s almost poetic that now, when quality of life determines a city’s ability to attract the talent and capital of a new era, the quarry once again will play an important role.

Connecting this vast new greenspace to the rest of the city, the Atlanta Beltline keeps on adding supporters, adherents, and happy users as it offers connection, recreation, natural beauty – and economic development – in equal measures. Ultimately, the Beltline will be a 33-mile, people-friendly system for circulating throughout our city. Just last September, the Beltline opened the Westside Trail, a three-mile segment that overlaps the West End trail and will together form one of the many connections with the Westside Park, including the meadows around Bellwood Quarry.

The 45-acre lake which Bellwood Quarry provides in the park design will double as a reservoir of 2.5 billion gallons, a month’s supply of Atlanta’s clean drinking water in reserve, thanks to a five-mile-long tunnel from the Hemphill water treatment plant to the Chattahoochee River through the quarry site.

An Atlanta condo becomes a more and more luxurious approach to living each time a visionary step like this one is taken. For more about this initiative, and more like it, reach out to us here.