School Spotlight

Feb 16, 2018

School Spotlight

School Spotlight: Vision and Opportunity in Midtown

Anyone who’s watched the Atlanta skyline over the past few years can tell you that the features that were once familiar are changing. Twenty towers are emerging from the broad-shouldered backdrop. The profile we would present in a picture postcard today includes new contours, and the energy behind them continues to build. The luxury condos at Atlantic Station, for example, are nestled in the tallest residential building in Midtown, a tip of the top hat to art deco elegance.

Much of this momentum comes from Midtown Atlanta’s emergence as a major tech hub, and indeed as a magnet for knowledge-based business of all kinds. The attraction? Corporate research operations, passionate entrepreneurs, and a world-class university are just a few of the direct reference points for the action. The indirect attractions include an increasingly walkable, pleasant cityscape with parks that people want to return and enjoy some more. The homes that center this new vision of urban life include the condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta, particularly the luxury, private-residence condos at the Atlantic.

It’s a textbook example of the kind of community the people who fuel the 21st Century economy want to live in. Schools for the children are, of course, a vital consideration.


Centennial Place Academy

As a charter elementary school, Centennial Place Academy makes the most of the autonomy and flexibility that extends from its charter, to offer its students from Kindergarten through 6th grade a distinctive educational experience. In exchange for a higher degree of accountability for student progress, Centennial Place pursues a mission, vision, and values that are designed to cultivate creative thinkers.

In addition to providing the basis on which to build practical success skills, the Centennial Place curriculum is intended to inspire lifelong learning, excellence, collaboration, community, and integrity.


Inman Middle School

In the heart of the historic Virginia Highland neighborhood, Inman Middle School was named for an Atlanta civic leader who exemplified the long view, and the willingness to contribute toward it, that successful business persons have demonstrated throughout our history. Eminent merchant and philanthropist Samuel Martin Inman was passionate about education, and the school has borne his name since 1924.

The primary focus at Inman Middle School is academics, particularly math, science, social studies, and language arts. The goal is both academic excellence and character development. In addition to strong administrative leadership and dedicated teachers, the school’s engagement with parents, and with neighborhood and corporate volunteers, refreshes and adds currency to its academic focus.


Grady High School

Grady High School offers students four particular pathways, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Public Policy and Justice, Communications and Journalism, and Business and Entrepreneurship. The organization of these pathways gives shape and dimension for combining core classes with theme classes that are oriented toward preparation in the fields that their pathways encompass. A Fine Arts pathway can be pursued in addition to the primary pathway selected by the student and his or her family.

The cluster of classes that result from this orientation is structured to help students achieve success in whatever field they choose.

The never-ending role and relevance of Midtown Atlanta, and its quality of life, have attracted people who continue bringing the vision of Atlanta to life. If this particular shape of the future is of interest, we’d like to discuss that with you. Just call us at 404.691.7111 to schedule your tour.