Westside Cultural Arts Center

Sep 19, 2017

Westside Cultural Arts Center

The Hearth and Forge of Midtown Atlanta

One of the first glorious neighborhoods of Atlanta, Midtown came back from a 1950s migration to the suburbs, thanks to visionaries who began to work, plan, and give their talent to Midtown beginning in the late 1970s – a time when some will tell you Atlanta started getting cool.

The Midtown Alliance forged a blueprint for this renaissance and its 71-member board includes many of Atlanta’s top private-sector leaders. Their skill in keeping the continual re-birth on track is something you sense the minute you walk through the neighborhood.

Today, businesses and residences, cultural and retail destinations, hotels, restaurants, parks, and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks join with condos for sale to make Midtown the ideal, balanced environment for a style of living that’s pure city, but not uptight. The condos at Atlantic Midtown are just one example.

Building the Arts as a Place to Live and Work

A cornerstone of the planning for Midtown Atlanta was a place that could serve as that gathering spot that gives communities a sense of wholeness and place. The purpose that advanced architects and planners see is the vital gathering of people for communication, reflection, and opening their eyes a little wider. What the hearth is to a home, an arts center can be to a community. The Westside Cultural Arts Center is the fulfillment of that vision for Midtown.

The Center gives the community a beating heart of artistic and cultural events, from high art to accessible fun. The October events there range from the world premier of the Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre to the monthly Salsa, Art & Tequila celebration where neighbors munch, sip, and take part – or just watch – as a salsa dance class unfolds.

The Westside Cultural Arts Center is also a welcoming, yet impressive place for private and corporate events. And, as such, it might be said that some of the business that forge Midtown’s persistent ability to create and transact commerce is discussed right here.

And Just as Receptive to the Art of Living

Condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta put this livable, lovable vision – living, learning, working and playing in the same community – within the reach of many people and families who might not have thought it possible.

If you’re thinking about an Atlanta condo, or a residence of any style in Atlanta, let’s talk.

There’s a lot we can do to make a dream come true, whether you’re moving to Atlanta, or just want to live in a community that fits your own vision and desires. Just call us at 404-845-7724 or find out more at http://www.evatlanta.com.