Three August Heat Relief Strategies

Aug 03, 2017

Three August Heat Relief Strategies

By the time August rolls around in the South, schools have started, summer trips are winding down, and the fun of catching a few rays is not quite as inviting.

In other words,

Is it Fall Yet, Yall?

No. Not anywhere close. And unfortunately, August is typically Atlanta’s hottest month of the year. So what is a sweaty gal or guy to do in this heat? Willing it away by wearing your cowboy boots and scarf to the August football games is likely to do nothing but give you a little taste of a heat stroke.

Here are Three Heat Relief Plans that all Atlantic residents will appreciate and will actually work. Special thanks to the Weather Channel for these chill infographics!

One Stop Shopping

Shop at Heat Relief Depot . With a great sale going on and by using the code Heat10 for an additional 10% off,  this site is a one stop shop for all items related to sun and heat escape. Known for their customer service, selection of products,  and competitive prices, this large website is located in one of the heat capitals of the world, Port Saint Lucie, Florida.                                                                                                                                              Not only do they provide public shopping, they also work with government, military and industrial sectors with cooling, warming and safety products. They even have a pet section! 

Get You A Fan That Does Both

You will never go back to waving your hand at your face with this really cool gadget (pun intended). COOL ON THE GO is indeed the “World’s Most Versatile, Hands-free, Personal Cooling Fan.”

This fan features a sleek, quiet, and lightweight design, allowing the user to enjoy hands-free cooling anywhere. This innovative device features a D/C input and USB adapter for easy use allowing Cool on the Go® to operate with or without the need for batteries. For ease and portability, Cool on the Go® has an included belt loop, clip, arm band and lanyard so you can take your fan everywhere with you.

For battery use, 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) provides up to 4 hours of hands-free cooling or connect the unit to a power source with the USB adapter cable (included) for unlimited use. For those on the road, Cool on the Go® can additionally be powered by an A/C Adapter or USB Car Adapter. LED LIGHTS also added make this a great safety tool when outdoors at night.

Dress The Part

According to AOL’s Lifestyle 2017 Guide, simple changes to your wardrobe can make a big difference in the heat.

First, save that little black dress (or little black anything) for another day. Black really is the hottest color you can wear regardless of the size, material, or type of clothing. Dressing the part also includes those gorgeous windows in your condo. White cotton and linens window treatments bring a hot chic look while providing a cool buffer from the Atlanta heat.

Next, wearing flats or low wedges means less sweat so break out jeweled flats and save the heels for when the sun goes down.

Don’t forget to beat the heat by going baggy. Even though more fabric may seem like it’d be hotter, Refinery29 reports the extra room lets more air circulate which keeps sweat at bay.

Experts also say to ditch the solids. Prints and patterns are great for minimizing obvious sweat stains.

And finally,  opt for natural fibers instead of synthetics. While polyester is easier on the wallet, it’s not worth the inevitable tugging and worry.

And be patient, sweaty grasshoppers, we will be sprinting to buy bread and beer when those flurries show up soon enough.