Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station

Aug 28, 2017

Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station

Dreams Come True: Cirque du Soleil Meets Atlantic Station

Living up to its reputation as the “city within the city,” Atlantic Station will give stage to Cirque du Soleil September 14th through November 19th. In so many ways, it’s a meeting that’s meant to happen.

Well established now, and having influenced their two respective worlds so powerfully, both Atlantic Station and Cirque du Soleil have this in common: They began with a dream, and their impact and influence were so great that we might forget how original they truly are.

Both Born in Originality

Cirque du Soleil profoundly reimagined the art of live performance. Drawing on the dreamlike quality that circuses used to bring to a less worldly audience, Cirque du Soleil erupted into an entirely new experience of color, music, light, fantasy, and, unlikely human performances that has proven to put even the hip-est audiences into that state of gasping, childlike amazement that circuses must have brought a century ago.

The condos at Atlantic Midtown, in their own way, soared up over the bedrock of the past through imagination. Atlantic station stand where an old steel mill once stood, the state of the art in modern concepts of a community that works was created here by architects, artists, and city planners who shared the thrill of being asked, “What’s the best way a city could work?”

Blended for People – And the Environment

Their answer became an iconic example. A place where homes, employment, shopping, and entertainment reside in a blend unlike any that came before it, designed for energy efficiency, as well as human comfort and convenience. In fact, many Atlantic Station buildings are LEED certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Residents near Atlantic Station spend a lot more time in life and a lot less time in their cars. Broad boulevards and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes keep the vitality flowing, and the nearness of the BeltLine and greenway keep the community connected. Shopping, exercise, healthcare and one of he best collections of restaurants and bars complete the experience of a hometown in the midst of a city. The passion for getting it right shows in every detail of Atlantic Station, and that serves as an unmatched backdrop for the fulfilling lives that residents create here.

Fascination As Part of Daily Life

Events enliven the Atlantic Station experience, too, and this fall’s Cirque du Soleil performances are just two examples. We have our own Central Park, and it’s the scene for all manner of pleasant pastimes, from concerts and performances to art exhibits and family times like a “Tot Spot” for entertaining children age five and under.

Yes, like Cirque du Soleil, Atlantic Station was imagined as an experience that fulfills new promises, imagined and brought to life by passionate talents and diligent ongoing effort. Why not make plans to attend Cirque du Soleil here on September 14 or November 19?

And, in the meantime, let’s get together for a chat about making your own dreams reality in this new and exuberant way. Just call us at 678-373-0739 or have a look at some of the best condos for sale in midtown Atlanta online.