2017 Trends and Styles for All Balcony Decor

Jul 12, 2017

2017 Trends and Styles for All Balcony Decor

Balance in life is essential. Too often we take it for granted when we can’t quite decide what is wrong with a situation. Nine out of ten times the answer lays somewhere in the notion that you have a little too much of something or not enough of another.

Balcony decor abides by that same logic. Not enough or none at all? The space looks forlorn and depressing. Too much or a cram-fest? You look like you are trying too hard to impress someone or biding time for your spot on the next episode of Hoarders.

A Few Basic Rules of Balcony Decor

Regardless of your decorating style or taste, decorating outdoors requires a few standard differentiations from your indoor decor:

Only use waterproof or at the very least water resistance fabrics. Do not fall into the trap that you will run out and grab those expensive cushions or pillows every time it rains.

Mildew Spray is essentially bleach and water and is an easy quick clean-up for any outdoor occasion. For that reason, make sure that the furniture and accessories can handle a quick spray of diluted bleach.Is wind an issue?

Will those cute but pricey cloth placemats fly over the ledge with one breeze? Take into consideration the weight of all of your purchases depending on your situation.

Ready For Some Inspiration? 

This cozy and stylish video gives a series of “50+ Small Cozy Balcony Decorating Ideas for 2017” in less than four minutes courtesy of Home and Garden Ideas. Get ready to take a few screenshots and be inspired! 

Architecturendesign.net   is a beautiful luxurious site that never misses the newest and greatest architectural innovations, cool homes, ideas for specific rooms, new design trends, products and decor tips. We loved what they came up with for this 2017 balcony. 

Huffington Post  keeps us fresh and updated in all things, and balcony decor is no exception.  Can’t you just see yourself and your friends sharing a cocktail looking out at the Atlanta skyline here?

In this House and Fig tutorial, you too can have one of these hip and green personalized planters. With all of the letters available in decor stores now, the possibilities are endless with this cute idea. 

Stephanie Sterjovski’s weekly decor updates  always seems to include something that brings admiration and a twinge of jealousy over her beautiful finds and projects. Here is yet another gorgeous weekly update that includes the perfect balcony decor.

Cuded’s Balcony Ideas   gives a delightful more modern approach in these easy to replicate bright and sleek design.

Want the details? Here’s how to get this neutral patio look:Patio Set: Canadian Tire c/o | Pillows: IKEA, William Sonoma Home Vase: Lulu & Georgia | Coffee Table: West Elm c/o | Wine Glasses: Crate & Barrel

 In the Paper N Stitch May 2017 makeover, this eclectic balcony went from Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan with a few hours, a few dollars, and a few links graciously given to you below.

Source list: Frida Hand Knotted Wool rug // Catamaran Stripe Indoor/Outdoor rug (available in tons of colors and only $134!) // Mingled Turquoise Indoor/Outdoor Pillow // Trimaran Stripe Daffodil/White Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Pillow // Stone Washed Linen Coral Sham (Head to annieselke.com to sign up, get a catalog, or get 15% off your first purchase). 


Loving this three piece bar set like we are? Target! Here’s the link so you can have your balcony bar stocked and ready by the weekend.

Target’s three piece balcony set (in black or white)

In House and Home’s gallery , we found an endless array of creative options and simple tricks and pieces that would be perfect for Atlantic’s gorgeous views and sunsets. 

Ready to start your balcony project? Already finished? Excited about your work in progress? Drop us a few lines and some photos. With these hints and inspirations, the sky’s the limit!