Atlantic High Rise Decor And Inspiration

Jun 07, 2017

Atlantic High Rise Decor And Inspiration

Whether you are hiring a decorator or intend to decorate your new Atlantic  condo yourself, having a sense of what you want and like is critical to making a space into your home. And if you are like most of us, it’s easier to show someone what you like versus describing it. In fact, sometimes designers and decorators will ask you to show them what you do not like as well.

We were thrilled to find one of the best at Barrett Design and Johnna Barrett to beautify and work her magic for our WOW Model at Atlantic.

While we hit the jackpot with Barrett Design’s finesse and talent, finding what style it is that you actually want and like can often be difficult.

Finding Inspiration

While the advantages of scrolling through your laptop or tablet in your pajamas is appealing, your time is still valuable and sometimes it seems as if you waste as much time looking at countless “OMG, what were they thinking?”sites before you find one or two “I love that” blogs that seem to match your vision.

Houzz is here to help. The Houzz App and Website is a lifesaver for time, sanity, and design everywhere. According to their own site, Houzz is  a place to

  • browse and save beautiful home photos
  • Set parameters so that you only search for post modern pool houses-in a certain price range-with only Atlanta photos-built in 2016 (or any other narrow choice)
  • See hundreds of samples of design work from local professionals
  • connect with more than 40 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world. who have been there too.
  • get inspired, discover products, see pricing, and order directly
  • find and collaborate with the perfect architect, designer or contractor.

And quite frankly, most of the photos on Houzz are just gorgeous eye candy. Regardless of your style or preferences, what you need from a visual aspect is on Houzz. Beware, however, the site is positively envy inducing and addicting. Here is just a start: over 300 beautiful photos on high rise condos alone. 

Celebrity High Rise Dwellers

Elton John’s Atlanta High Rise

While many of us can only dream of the budgets that celebrities have, we can get ideas and form our own versions of the lifestyle of the famous. Here are some of the most recent celebrity high rises to make the design circuit:

Architectural Digest’s spread on Cher’s LA highrise

Home’s photos and description of Ellen Degeneres’s Ultra Swank High Rise

Compare Elton John’s Atlanta apartment with his English country house in Architectural Digest’s article

What Style Works Best For You?

Modern:  Here is House Beautiful’s Miami High Rise Mod Makeover for those of you who dream in tangerine and long for 1960’s design.

Minimal: And as  Anton Medvedev, shows in his  High Rise Apartment with Stunning Minimalist Interior project, “Urban living can be extremely hectic. The busy lights, sounds, and schedules of a major city is inherently stressful, even for those that thrive in such an environment.” And in this high rise project. “The stunning interior is perfectly minimal with calming materials, smooth, clean lines, and a color palette that is so neutral you can almost hear the silence.”

Bachelor Pad Budget: As HGTV’s Design and Decorating photo spread proves, a high-end bachelor pad can be done on a tight budget. As our very own Midtown Atlanta sales executive Chris Staub.’s place goes to show, when done right, bachelor pad decorating can be a marvelous thing.

DIY Style: For those of us who are in between professional and amateur DIYers, here are  over forty stunning high rise decor ideas from our friends at HGTV  that require much more than a hot glue gun.

While for some, all high rise living units may seem similar, but for those of us that are in the know, nothing is further from the truth. High rise living can be anything your decorating heart and budget can handle, so find your style and inspiration then enjoy the life you were meant to have.